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bochecha bochecha at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jun 23 06:12:19 UTC 2008

Hi !

My name is Mathieu Bridon, known online as bochecha.

I discovered Linux at school 4 years ago and was really annoyed by the
fact that I had to use it when it seemed totally broken.

Two and a half years ago, out of curiosity, I decided to try it again. I
spent one week with Ubuntu, breaking it every time I was trying to do
something with it, reinstalling it twice a day. :)

Then someone made me discover Fedora and had the patience to explain me
the basics so that I could at least use it. I then discover the french
Fedora community, in which I instantly felt at home and quickly made
some friends.

What kept me in Fedora all this time and will probably keep me ad vitam
aeternam is its strong ethics (only open source, always upstream,

After being involved in the french community by doing support on the
forum and IRC, I decided it was time for me to start contributing
directly to the Fedora project. My first RPM just landed in
updates-testing and I might join the translation team if I ever find the
time for it.

I also co-initiated with Mohamed Elmorabity the Fedora | Paris project.
What we do is gather the Fedoristas who live in Paris and have diner
every 2 weeks, and more if the night goes on.

Of course, we all already know each other on IRC or on the forums, so
those meetings are more a way to know the non-geek-side of each other,
and build friendship inside our community.

Fedora | Paris organized the Saturday night party this week end before
the Sunday Install Party, so that people who don't live in Paris and
were coming in Paris for the IP would receive a warm welcome.

As an Ambassador, I'll try to go on promoting Fedora everywhere I can,
starting with the IT company where I work which is too Debian / Ubuntu
oriented. I'd like to have some co-workers contributing to Fedora, as
they already contribute to other FOSS projects.

Looking forward to working with you, almighty Fedora Ambassadors of the
world. :)

Mathieu Bridon aka bochecha
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