[Ambassadors] Self Introduction

Harish Pillay harish.pillay at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 08:35:53 UTC 2008

>>> I discovered Linux at school 4 years ago and was really annoyed by the
>>> fact that I had to use it when it seemed totally broken.
>> Could you be so kind as to explain what you mean by broken?
> Sure :)
> What I meant is that I was so conditioned by MS Windows that everything I
> did lead to small disasters.
> Of course, those were nearly all PEBCAK, but when you know something that
> (seems to) work, everything else that doesn't behave exactly as you want
> appears broken to your eyes. :D
> Anyway, this is an old story now as it's MS Windows that appears broken to
> me (again, probably a PEBCAK) and I have to use it everyday at work ^^.

Ah, that was what I though.  It is an issue of familiarity.  My 8 and
10 year olds
have been growing up with Linux everywhere and when they sat in their first
computer class in school, they were "lost".  Where is FF?  Where is OpenOffice?
What is this thing with an "e"?  But they still love the Fedora on their home


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