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mak mahayalamkhan at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 14:36:46 UTC 2008

2008/6/23 Anton Arapov <aarapov at redhat.com>:

> Hi there!
>  My name is Anton, and feel free to pronounce it however you feel, this
> kind of international enough name - Anthony/Tony/Tonda/WhatNot ... :)
>  Formerly I'm from Vladivostok/Russian Federation, but at this moment
> living in Brno/Czech Republic while working at Red Hat.
>  My first Linux was Caldera Linux, that was created by the former Caldera
> Systems, *doh*, SCO Group now...
>  So that I'm living with Linux from the end of 1995.
>  I used Linux everywhere I can at my previous jobs, you can find on
> LinkedIn. The most significant was the whole IT Infrastructure switch from
> M$ to Linux at the one of the biggest Rail-Road Logistic company, which was
> planned and implemented from the very beginning by me.
>  At the moment I'm Kernel Team Lead in Brno, working at Red Hat, as a part
> of non-Lead duties I'm eliminating bugs in Linux Kernel. Busy enough by
> daily duties, but...
>  I'm going to contribute into Fedoraproject my free/spare time. Will try to
> share my expertise in Linux with everybody who will need it, just feel free
> to ask me. And of course, I'm sharing all the statements of the Fedora
> Ambassadors! :)
>  At least, I will be available at IRC: aarapov @ #fedora-kernel and
> #fedora-mktg.
> See you soon...
> -Anton
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Welcome Arapov...

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