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Carlos Vassalo opossum at club-internet.fr
Tue Jun 24 21:13:28 UTC 2008

rajan vaish a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am Rajan Vaish from India.A Computer Science Major currently 
> pursuing my B.S (4th year) from Jaypee University of Information 
> Technology,Solan,India .I have been programming in C & C++ for last 3 
> years and lately started working on Java.Apart from the same I have 
> also worked on technologies like .NET(using C#),AJAX some PHP & J2EE.
> I have worked on UNIX and basic Shell Programming .Latter I was 
> introduced to Linux world in College's Networking Lab,where on Fedora 
> using C programs we were taught to Network(LAN).I have also used Linux 
> for Compiler design Labs using LEX and YACC tools .
> Lately by participating at Google Summer of Code,I got an opportunity 
> to intern for OLPC ( One Laptop Per Child ) and to develop a Geography 
> teaching tool for children using Open Source technologies like 
> OpenLayers,MapServer,GeoRSS and QGIS,where I also have to develop 
> installer/packages for Windows/Linux (OLPC XO Laptops run on 
> Fedora)/Macintosh of the tool created.
> I have not contributed to the Linux community earlier but with my 
> existing knowledge and will to learn more and with my coming 
> experiences with OLPC ,Fedora is going to last in my life forever and 
> thats the platform I will be using for my final year project where I 
> will be implementing a Ph.D thesis on a Computer Networking project 
> from Stanford University.In the contributers program I saw that one 
> can contribute in a number of ways,so I can help the  community  grow 
> by spreading word about the same in my University and bring more value 
> to the Fedora group.At times I can contribute to the Web Development 
> and I have also worked on Internationalization while working on Google 
> Gadgets ( http://www.googlemodules.com/author/Rajan+Vaish/ ) within 10 
> days of their release they have a statistics of more than 150 queries 
> per day.I am thankful to be part of Fedora Ambassadors Program and 
> ready to contribute in anyway I can.Thanks !!
> Rajan Vaish
> http://linkedin.com/in/rajanvaish
> Country/Region : INDIA
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Welcome Rajan.

Carlos V.

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