[Ambassadors] Fedora Ambassador for Nicaragua

Rafael Márquez rmarquez at fedora-ni.net
Sun Jun 29 13:18:21 UTC 2008

Hi Fedora Ambassadors

My name is Rafael Antonio Márquez Castro recently approved as Fedora 
Ambassador for Nicaragua, for me is a great pleasure to be in this list.

Experience in Fedora

Fedora user for 3 years previously used RedHat, I have always preferred 
this distro over any other. In 2007 motivated by the desires of 
promoting Fedora I founded Fedora Nicaragua Local User Group 
(www.fedora-ni.net) since then We have worked to promote the use of our 
favorite Distro.

I hope keep working in this labor with your collaboration

Some Fedora Nicaragua's events


More  about me:

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