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Frederic Hornain fhornain at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 14:20:17 UTC 2008

Dear *,

Ok, everybody gave his own point of view  however it was just a simple question.
I did not say I am going to do that, did I ?  I just wondering if it
was possible and if it makes sense to do it.
And the answer was "No really" as Max explain us.
Indeed the community prefer to have a centralized organization.
Fair enough ! :)

> First of all there isn't any German entity, but an European (or better
> EMEA) one (for legal reason it was founded in Germany). If you want
> you can join Fedora EMEA (Europe - Middle East - Africa) NPO (No
> Profit Organization), just talk with Fedora EMEA chair to know how to
> do it.
Excuse me, you are right, I made a mistake.  There is an EMEA entity
not a German one.
Sorry for that but I am still human.

So as Gerold wrote in one of these previous post, I am going to
contact Fabian (fabian_a), Gerold himself (geroldka), Jeroen (kanarip)
or Robert (rsc) [as the board of that organisation] in the next days.

Kind Regards

2008/3/1 Jonathan Basse <jbasse at fedoraproject.org>:
> > > I encourage everyone to re-read my response on this thread and think
>  > > about how we can continue to work together as a EUROPEAN COMMUNITY and
>  > > not worry about individual countries.
>  >
>  > However I can hardly understand how such a big europen infrastructure could
>  > be able to manage local members individually. We are too many I think and
>  > have so many different cultures that I think it will be a very difficult
>  > task to handle. And I think this is were FAMSCO failed two years ago, it
>  > could not manage so many members because they were so different.
>  My understanding is that Fedora EMEA NPO is more to provide a legal framework
>  as well as organizing the European community around Fedora
>  > Local entities are good as they can do this face to face job with local
>  > members. That's what we do here, and I should not make a mistake saying
>  > that european people first feels being from their countries before feeling
>  > European. I consider myself as being more French than European, however,
>  > Europe IS bigger than France and gives many laws to us.
>  This therefore does not change the role of these 'local entities' which manage
>  this face to face job but actually provide them with central resource instead
>  of letting them 'working on their own' Moreover having this may reinforce
>  Fedora identity ensuring we are present when needed giving a unified message.
>  I do not understand the need of creating NPO for each (country) group. This
>  may become a mess and make thinks difficult to follow and manage. It may be
>  worse designing for each country a kind of 'manager' who may be the interface
>  between Fedora EMEA NPO and the local community. Advocating on their needs
>  and providing resources for local activities.
>  > People are far from Europe from my point of view. EMEA organisation is
>  > good, but I personaly think it will be much easier task to communicate with
>  > identified local entities than with so many different local ambassadors.
>  >
>  >
>  > Thomas Canniot
>  It was just my 0.2 $
>  Cheers,
>  --
>  Jonathan Basse <jbasse at fedoraproject.org>
>  Belgium Fedora Ambassador
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