[Ambassadors] CLT08 Day2

Jeroen van Meeuwen kanarip at kanarip.com
Sun Mar 2 22:59:23 UTC 2008

JoergSimon wrote:
> CLT08 Day2
> CLT is over and i wished i could say we all arrived savely, but right now Jens 
> Kuehnel makes a odysee accross Germany to reach Amsterdam in the netherlands 
> latest tomorrow, because RedHat needs a trainer there! But Storm "Emma" 
> destroyed the ways so he started an 01:00pm in Chemnitz - direction north - 
> Leipzig - then further to Frankfurt Main - but much to late, because some 
> ways are destroyed - so he must take a train to South of Germany Stuttgart to 
> take a train direct to Amsterdam. What really angry is, i started with Robert 
> Scheck at 06:00pm in the evening and reached Stuttgart two hours ago!
> After all, like Jens said yesterday - if you want contribute on a OpenSource 
> Event, never Start with CLT - you will compare every event with this "best of 
> the best" organized events and don´t want miss it anymore. In the other hand, 
> i can´t imagine to have a better start.
> How was it? This event had the largest Debian presence i ever seen on a event.
> So every time i spoke with people who showed potential to contribute to the 
> Fedora Project they commited "oh i use (contribute) only (to) Debian i would 
> only hear what you do" :(
> Characteristic for Chemnitz is also, a high presence of women who are 
> interested in Free Software - Chitlesh do you remember last year? And so i 
> tried also to blabbing they in the Fedora Project but as before they use 
> Debian, Ubuntu or one of the three BSD´s - geeky women! If you ask for 
> potential of the "others", yes there is, but we need easier access as example 
> for "Users" who want translate or do documentation work. Robert had his own 
> little "install fest" with a guy who really needed his help. Jens gave his 
> talk - and again i did´nt seen it.
> See some pictures <http://www.simline.de/CLT08/> - and notice this event shows 
> much potential for contributors and i would suggest to raise the presence 
> next year. 

Very nice! Once Jens is in the Netherlands though, he won't have any 
trouble other then the speed limit... I sure hope he makes it safe and 

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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