[Ambassadors] Fedora Belgium

Frederic Hornain fhornain at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 12:01:48 UTC 2008

So :

Dear Max,

That is exactly the point what I wanted to approach.
Let's explain me why I launch the local entity debate.

Well, one of my recurrent annual project is to promote Fedora locally
- Belgium - which is not in contradiction with what you wrote, isn't
I organize and participate to commercial and non commercial event with
Red Hat Belgium and spread the words when it is possible.
In addition, I am trying to improve Fedora in Belgium from errors,
misses, etc  I had from previous years.
However, I am beginning to be a little bit stuck.

For instance, I do not have any resources in order to promote Fedora
locally. I requested them several time via official and non-official
             ways but I did not receive it. Not yet, anyway.

Another example is donation.

So, my conclusion was to produce DVD and goodies myself with donation
instead of waiting for nothing.
Nonetheless in order to do that I should have to create an entity or
an organization in order to buy, sell stuffs, receive donation and
also to be transparent from Fedora community.
That was the reason of my initial post on this discussion cause we
need to be more organized, more empowered, more professional, more
transparent than we are today.

For instance, the FOSDEM has to be managed as a project. So it needs
annual scope, time and budget.
For the moment, we are nowhere.

But if Fedora EMEA NPO or Red Hat Community Architecture team is
attributing us a annual budget for that, it is ok for us otherwise we
could not respond correctly to the demands - Fedora accommodation for
instance - .

Obviously on the other side,we would have to be transparent if you
give us that power

All that to say, I need to know in which way we go.
Please clarify me it , Max

Thanks for your comprehension.


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