[Ambassadors] N. and S. America Ambassador IRC Meeting Log 2008-03-03

Jeffrey Tadlock linux at elfshadow.net
Wed Mar 5 19:23:39 UTC 2008

The IRC Meeting log from the March 3rd, 2008 North and South American
Ambassador meeting is below.

15:03 < JuanCarlosLin> ready for the N&S A meeting?
15:03 < JuanCarlosLin> Please state your anmes
15:03 < rMenezes> yeap
15:03 < pcalarco> +1
15:04 < rMenezes> RodrigoMenezes
15:04 < spevack> MaxSpevack
15:04 < pcalarco> PascalCalarco
15:04 < gregdek> GregDeKoenigsberg
15:04 < JuanCarlosLin> only five of us?
15:05 < inode0> JohnRose
15:05 < JuanCarlosLin> how about to wait 5 minutes...
15:05  * spevack looks at the events page to see which people are in
charge of upcoming events and try to find them
15:05 < spevack> where is Rodrigo Padula?
15:06 < spevack> stickster, f13: quick ping
15:06 < stickster> spevack: pong
15:06 -!- nim-nim [n=nim-nim at fedora/nim-nim] has quit [Excess Flood]
15:07 < spevack> we're looking at the Events page for Q1, and the only
thing on there for North America right now is LFNW.  Just wanted to
see if there was anything you wanted to say about that in this meeting
15:07 < spevack> which is the North American/South American ambassadors
15:07 -!- valent [n=valentt at 252-34.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #fedora-meeting
15:07 -!- nim-nim [n=nim-nim at fedora/nim-nim] has joined #fedora-meeting
15:08 < valent> hello from croatia
15:08 < spevack> stickster: how's the planning going?  what do you
need, if anything, etc?
15:09 < stickster> f13 and I talked about LFNW last week
15:09 < JuanCarlosLin> well, letś try again, please state your names for meeting
15:09 < pcalarco> PascalCalarco
15:09 < stickster> PaulFrields
15:09 < rMenezes> RodrigoMenezes
15:09 < inode0> JohnRose
15:09 < spevack> MaxSpevack is still here
15:10 < JuanCarlosLin> gregdek still there?
15:10 < stickster> spevack: We were debating about how to handle
release schedule vs. the timing of the conference
15:10 < spevack> stickster: yes, that is a complex issue.  what's the
current thinking, seeing as Jesse is the point man for both
15:10 < stickster> There's some precedence set for having a sort of
custom Fedora available at the show, as done for RHSummit '07
15:10 < spevack> *nod*
15:10 < gregdek> pong, sorry
15:11 < JuanCarlosLin> Ok, let's start meeting
15:11 < stickster> Anyway, we were trying to decide whether to do that
as discs, or USB and offer for donations
15:11 < JuanCarlosLin> 1.-, Fedora Events
15:12 -!- valen1 [n=valentt at 213-203.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #fedora-meeting
15:12 < spevack> JuanCarlosLin: perhaps we can let Paul finish talking
about LFNW, and then we can talk about the other events.
15:12 < stickster> That crowd is a more hand-on user type crowd, so
we'll be concentrating on "cool features" talk(s)
15:12 < JuanCarlosLin> Ok...,
15:13 < spevack> stickster: ok... well as you know, we definitely have
budget to help with the media for the event.
15:13 < spevack> sounds like the hardest part will be finalizing the
bits you want
15:13 < spevack> which will make it difficult to create media in advance
15:13 < stickster> Right, and the timing thereof vs. lead time for
disc production if desired
15:13 < spevack> maybe we should try to find a bunch of 1GB usb keys cheap
15:13 < spevack> and you guys can burn USB keys for folks at the event
15:13 < stickster> *nod
15:13 < spevack> s/burn/install
15:14 < JuanCarlosLin> Only for records, I receive from Rodrigo Padula
a design for Fedora DVD/ CD, and once aproved (within this days) will
start production, first release 5000 DVD 5000 CD, in 2 weeks
15:14 < stickster> I think that was our preference.
15:14 < stickster> It might be good for us to establish a relationship
with a vendor that can do screenprinted USB keys
15:14 < stickster> ISTR my old office ordering some from a place like
that with preprinted classification notices
15:15 < spevack> stickster: indeed.  at the very least, we can try
someone out for this event and see how the service and quality is.
15:15 < stickster> Let me see what I can dig up for you then.
15:15 < spevack> stickster: is this something you want to own, or do
you need someone to volunteer to take it?
15:15 < stickster> If someone can own it, I will at least find the
vendor I used for this in my previous life
15:15 < stickster> The quality of the media was fine
15:16 < JuanCarlosLin>
15:16 < stickster> And I think they specialized in smaller sticks to
make things affordable.
15:16  * spevack eventually needs a ballpark idea of cost, so we can
plan budget distribution for the quarter
15:16 < spevack> stickster: why don't you dig up that info and send it to me?
15:16  * stickster adds TODO to get vendor info
15:16 < spevack> we'll go from there
15:16 < stickster> spevack: Done
15:16 -!- EvilBob changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: North And
South American Ambassadors Meeting - Channel is used by various Fedora
groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings
often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in
#fedora | See http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/FedoraMeetingChannel
for meeting schedule
15:16 < spevack> ok, thanks for the update.  we'll let you get back to
your stuff and give JuanCarlosLin control of the meeting back :)
15:16  * stickster disappears ("Pop!")
15:16 < JuanCarlosLin> ok...
15:16 < spevack> JuanCarlosLin: what's next?  :)
15:17 < JuanCarlosLin> But  i very good to discuse this thing ant the meeting
15:17 < JuanCarlosLin> well,
15:17 < JuanCarlosLin> Rodrigo PAdula, sent me image for DVD/CD
15:17 < JuanCarlosLin> please
15:17 < JuanCarlosLin> check at
15:17 < JuanCarlosLin>
15:17 < JuanCarlosLin> If ok, will release 5000 DVD / 5000 CD.
15:18 < JuanCarlosLin> then must set how to distribute it
15:18 < rMenezes> !
15:18 < JuanCarlosLin> any one have idea?
15:18 < JuanCarlosLin> rMenezes
15:18 < rMenezes> is this amount for what? only brazil?
15:19 < JuanCarlosLin> well, is the quantity I got for free, there
some guy form venezuela en argentina that need them, but we can sent
some to toher countries...
15:19 < rMenezes> I'm asking this because some texts in this image is in pt_BR
15:20 < rMenezes> not spanish for example
15:20 < spevack> JuanCarlosLin: will you use all 10,000 at FISL???  Or
are they for all South American shows?
15:21 < JuanCarlosLin> speavak, is for the ambassador program
usages... and at this meeting we must set how to use it
15:21 < rMenezes> I think that 2k for FISL is enough, but'll use in
every event and ship some through mail
15:21 < JuanCarlosLin> rMenezes: may be we can set one in spanish, and
one in english
15:21 < JuanCarlosLin> or, all of them in the same art
15:21 -!- valen1 [n=valentt at 213-203.dsl.iskon.hr] has left #fedora-meeting []
15:22 < rMenezes> there is two sentences in pt_BR, we could change
that for english and use all around the world
15:22 < rMenezes> take a look "DVD de instalação" and "ARQUITETURA"
15:23 < rMenezes> if we change that to english, we can use this layout
for every place
15:23 < JuanCarlosLin> yes, what you guys thing about?
15:23 < pcalarco> +1
15:23 < gregdek> I have a question.
15:24 < JuanCarlosLin> yes gregdek
15:24 -!- jcollie [n=jcollie at] has joined #fedora-meeting
15:24 < gregdek> Are we currently talking about events?
15:24 < gregdek> Or is this a more generic discussion about "how to use DVDs"?
15:25 < JuanCarlosLin> no, is to set DVD/CD for events
15:25 < JuanCarlosLin> ther is another program free-media for that
15:26 < rMenezes> <gregdek>, these DVD will be crafted for FISL in
Brazil, and we want to use this for all other events in South America
(not only Brazil)
15:26 -!- valent [n=valentt at 252-34.dsl.iskon.hr] has quit [Connection timed out]
15:26 < gregdek> rMenezes: Over what period of time?
15:26 < pcalarco> !
15:26 < JuanCarlosLin> yes
15:27 < JuanCarlosLin> yes pcalarco
15:27 < pcalarco> One suggestion: if we add Spanish and French to this
(if there is room), we could use this one art for all North American
15:28 < pcalarco> and English of course :)
15:28 < pcalarco> and South American events . . .
15:28 < JuanCarlosLin> pcalarco: I thing that will be room space problem.
15:29 < pcalarco> yes, perhaps
15:29 < gregdek> So who is coming to FISL?
15:30 < rMenezes> sorry, telephone
15:30 < rMenezes> only in march we have 3 big events
15:30 < rMenezes> maybe 10k is too much, but we use these midias in
all south america these could be used
15:30 < spevack> rMenezes: 3 big events in march?  why are none of
them on FedoraEvents page? ;)
15:31 < rMenezes> FISL, ESLAM, FLISOL
15:31 < rMenezes> yes, they are there
15:31 < gregdek> So two in April, one in May?
15:31 < JuanCarlosLin> but is not on march...
15:32 < rMenezes> sorry, March 2008 - May 2008
15:32 < JuanCarlosLin> Let define the CD/DVD, who is on only english version?
15:32 < inode0> I'm ambivalent about the language issue here
15:33 < f13> !
15:33 < inode0> English speakers can understand that fine
15:33 < JuanCarlosLin> f13:
15:33 < f13> I hate to ask this, but are you burning source DVDs too?
15:34 < JuanCarlosLin> please exlain your self
15:34 < f13> or otherwise have a plan to fulfull source reqirements
when handing out binary DVDs?
15:34  * EvilBob smiles
15:34 < JuanCarlosLin> well, initail idea is Install DVD + Rescue CD
15:35 < f13> JuanCarlosLin: Fedora releases are released under the
GPLv2, and under said license you have to either provide source at the
time of hte binary offering, or provide a written offer to get the
source that is good for 3 years
15:35 < EvilBob> The GPL has a source requirement
15:35 < inode0> how is that normally handled, say with the Summit
special version?
15:35 < f13> JuanCarlosLin: for simplicity, I would suggest burning a
small number of source isos that can be offered at the time you are
offering binary DVDs.  Nobody has to take them, but as long as you
offered, you're in the clear.
15:35 < f13> inode0: 'poorly'
15:36 < f13> inode0: quite frankly, we didn't handle it and just hoped
nobody would ask.
15:36  * EvilBob asked
15:36 -!- rdieter [n=rdieter at sting.unl.edu] has quit [Read error: 104
(Connection reset by peer)]
15:36 < spevack> f13: we would say "please visit our website where you
can download everything" ;)
15:36 < EvilBob> spevack: not acceptable
15:36 < JuanCarlosLin> +1
15:36 < f13> I'm working to change things so that folks can reference
an offer from Fedora itself, but that isn't in place right now.
15:36  * spevack would like to see this conversation steer back to the
3 big events in South America, and the logistics for them.
15:37 < f13> ok, I've planted the seed, that's all.
15:37 < spevack> f13: thanks for the heads up
15:37 < JuanCarlosLin> Ok, let discusse the source in the next meeting,
15:38 < gregdek> So who is responsible for producing the CDs/DVDs, and
why don't we simply leave the language question to their best
15:38 < JuanCarlosLin> well, there is new events that need help?
15:39 < rMenezes> I'll make two presentations in local Colleges in my
city, in march 19 and 26
15:39 < rMenezes> just small events
15:39 < JuanCarlosLin> ok, some one else have to coment new events?
15:39 -!- GeroldKa [n=GeroldKa at fedora/geroldka] has joined #fedora-meeting
15:40 < JuanCarlosLin> Ok, let go to next point
15:40 < JuanCarlosLin> 2.- Materials
15:40 < JuanCarlosLin> There some issue about to exchange ideas?
15:40 -!- JSchmitt [n=s4504kr at fedora/JSchmitt] has quit ["Konversation
15:40 < spevack> !
15:41 < JuanCarlosLin> spevack
15:41 < spevack> who is responsible for the CDs and DVDs?  Rodrigo
Padula or someone else?
15:41 < JuanCarlosLin> Rodrigo Padula sent to me the art, and I will
be responsible for the production
15:42 < spevack> JuanCarlosLin: then i have a question for you
15:42 < JuanCarlosLin> ok
15:42 < spevack> it is easy, of course, to use the "official
15:42 < spevack> Fedora 8 ISO
15:42 < spevack> but
15:42 < spevack> do you think it is worthwhile to try to make a
customized ISO for Brazilian Portuguese?
15:42 < spevack> this will take some extra work
15:42 < spevack> and you are more likely than me
15:43 < spevack> to know if it is "worth it" for something like FISL
15:43 < rMenezes> !
15:43 < JuanCarlosLin> Well, we have a problem that the local factory
only manage 4 colors, so I ask hem to help me
15:43 < spevack> because we must find someone to do the work
15:43 < spevack> JuanCarlosLin: it has nothing to do with colors
15:43 < spevack> JuanCarlosLin: it has to do with the *data* that goes
on the ISO
15:44 < spevack> JuanCarlosLin: am i explaining my question properly?
15:44 < JuanCarlosLin> spevack: the problem was only the silk-screen
printing colorthat was no available
15:44 < JuanCarlosLin> yes, rMenezes:
15:45 < rMenezes> I'm talking with Rodrigo Padula on MSN, he told me
that 3k DVDs is enough
15:45 < rMenezes> 10k for Brazil only is too much
15:45 < gregdek> ?
15:46 < JuanCarlosLin> gregdek?
15:46 < gregdek> Remind me who's paying for these DVDs?  :)
15:46 < JuanCarlosLin> will be free
15:46 < gregdek> Brilliant -- but how?
15:47 < rMenezes> for Fedora 8, 5k DVD only will be enough for all events
15:47 < JuanCarlosLin> Iwork in a group that produce 10.000k CD/DVD /
month, and when I ask to colaborate to the program, got free CD/DVD
15:47 < spevack> JuanCarlosLin: wonderful!
15:48 < gregdek> ESLAM will  be in late May -- can we have F9 discs in time?
15:48 < JuanCarlosLin> And, now, I think we can ship it writeable, and
without data, how about this way to solve diferences?
15:48 < JuanCarlosLin> and each one, for each event, write costum ISO
15:49 < JuanCarlosLin> gregdek: I am not sure
15:49 < gregdek> !
15:49 < JuanCarlosLin> agree with no data CD /DVD ?
15:49 < JuanCarlosLin> gregdek:
15:50 < gregdek> Are there any other topics to cover?  We've spent
about 1/2hr on DVDs...
15:50 < JuanCarlosLin> yes...
15:50 < JuanCarlosLin> let final thi item
15:50 < JuanCarlosLin> agree with no data CD /DVD ?
15:50 < gregdek> Whatever is easiest for you.
15:50 < gregdek> JuanCarlosLin: You're going to be the one producing, yes?
15:51 < JuanCarlosLin> gregdek: yes
15:51 < gregdek> Then +1 to whatever you say.  :)
15:51 < JuanCarlosLin> gregdek: :)
15:51 < gregdek> I'm sure people who receive the DVDs will be grateful
to have whatever you can give them.
15:52 < JuanCarlosLin> well, let go the next item...
15:52 < JuanCarlosLin> material tracking... There some other issue to
talk about?
15:52 < JuanCarlosLin> ok,
15:53 < JuanCarlosLin> let to next: some one neeed to verify membership?
15:53 < JuanCarlosLin> Ok,, next, Polo Shirt
15:53 < JuanCarlosLin> Some one can explain about Plo Shirts?
15:54 < JuanCarlosLin> Some one can explain about Polo Shirts?
15:54 < gregdek> Is the idea that all Fedora "members" get polo shirts
for these events?
15:54 < pcalarco> from discussion on the list, we need to find some
vendors who can make these locally in N & S America
15:55 < JuanCarlosLin> Ok., who can be in cahrge of thi for next meeting
15:56 < pcalarco> I can update with information from the existing
vendor in Ohio, USA
15:56 < JuanCarlosLin> +1
15:56 < gregdek> That's good for NA -- what about SA?
15:56 < gregdek> Let me ask David Barzilay from Red Hat Brasil if
there's a vendor he uses.
15:57 < JuanCarlosLin> ok., then gregdek/ pcalarco:  please detail in
next meeting
15:57 < gregdek> OK.
15:57 < pcalarco> +1
15:58 < JuanCarlosLin> next topic. Event Report Requirment.
15:58 < JuanCarlosLin> Some one can explain
15:58 < gregdek> We want to know all about every event that ambassadors attend.
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15:59 < pcalarco> !
15:59 < rMenezes> !
15:59 < gregdek> pcalarco?
16:00 < JuanCarlosLin> pcalarc:
16:00 < pcalarco> Question: do we want to list this on the Events wiki
or the ambassadors list, or both?
16:00 < f13> !
16:00  * gregdek thinks the polite irc rules slow us down.  :)
16:01 < JuanCarlosLin> rMenezes:
16:01 < JuanCarlosLin> pcalarco: in both will be good, but at lease on
the ambassadors,
16:01 < JuanCarlosLin> rMenezes:
16:02 < pcalarco> ok, thank you
16:02 < JuanCarlosLin> f13:
16:02 < rMenezes> question: we do a lot of meetings in local Colleges,
these meetings has 50, 100 or even 200 studants, is this meetings
included in this reports?
16:02 < f13> It would be good if somebody could draft up a template
for doing event reports.  Don't have to make it mandatory, but having
a tempate or example to work from would help a lot.
16:02 < JuanCarlosLin> rMenezes: will be good report it, but if is not
official, can report in on mail list
16:03 < spevack> f13: we talked about that in FAMSCO the other day
16:03 < JuanCarlosLin> +
16:03 < rMenezes> ok
16:03 < spevack> it's coming
16:03 < inode0> question: I gave a talk to a private group, don't mind
reporting it but uncomfortable reporting in very public way without
their consent
16:03 < f13> spevack: cheers.
16:04 < JuanCarlosLin> inode0: report only the event, to guide other
amabassador to sharp their efforts
16:05 < JuanCarlosLin> spevack: please let us know when have the template
16:05 < spevack> JuanCarlosLin: i will
16:06 < JuanCarlosLin> ok, I will like to add a last topic: need a
co-leader: please volunteers
16:06 < pcalarco> !
16:07 < JuanCarlosLin> pcalarco
16:07 < pcalarco> could you detail the responsibilities?
16:08 < JuanCarlosLin> well, leade meeting when I am not available,
sent reminders, edit meeting page, transcripts, etc.
16:08 < gregdek> !
16:09 < pcalarco> I am willing to assist with this, but will defer to
anyone else who might be able to
16:09 < JuanCarlosLin> gregdek:
16:09 < gregdek> Two things.
16:09 < JuanCarlosLin> yes
16:10 < gregdek> 1. I'm willing to help.
16:10 < gregdek> 2. Why are North America and South America meeting together?
16:10 < inode0> low participation?
16:11 < gregdek> Does everyone agree?  Is that the reason?
16:11 < JuanCarlosLin> gregdek: 1.- thank, 2.- about time zone
16:12 < pcalarco> !
16:12 < JuanCarlosLin> pcalarco:
16:13 < pcalarco> perhaps I am naive aboyt this, but is it also to
create a more global sense of the fedora project effort?  The same as
why Europe Africa and the Middle East are one unit as well?
16:13 -!- rMenezes
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["ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]"]
16:14  * gregdek hrms.
16:14 < inode0> well, the North America meeting just kept getting
canceled for lack of participation so that is a real problem I think
16:14 < JuanCarlosLin> well, the last year, several meeting were cancellled
16:15 < gregdek> Here's what I want to avoid:
16:15 < JuanCarlosLin> to solve this, were splitted in tow time zones
16:15 < JuanCarlosLin> I hope this can help
16:15 < JuanCarlosLin> but meeting as today is very construtive
16:16 -!- Nushio [n=John at] has joined #fedora-meeting
16:16 < gregdek> If NA is having problems keeping ambassadors
interested, I don't want those problems to prevent SA from being
16:17 < pcalarco> +1
16:17 < gregdek> This meeting was mostly about SA.  I'm glad, since
there are a lot of big events coming up.
16:17 < gregdek> I would love to focus on those, because there's a lot
of potential.
16:18 < gregdek> And since I'm coming to FISL, I want to make sure
that everyone is ready.  :)
16:20 < gregdek> Did I chase everyone away?  :)
16:20 < inode0> NA ambassadors want to help, not hinder SA ... and I
am grateful to be included in a larger group that can meet
16:20 < JuanCarlosLin> Yes...I just want to focus something: windows
has the goverment as allia, in envery school you can find windows, but
not all of htem you can find Fedora or Generic Linux, the child learn
in this way and reject naturaly Linux. This is the firm topic to aim
to transform Fedora in a Great Project
16:20 < pcalarco> <grin>
16:20 -!- geek_cl [n=lletelie at] has joined #fedora-meeting
16:21 < pcalarco> !
16:22 < JuanCarlosLin> pcalarco
16:22 < pcalarco> there was some traffic on the ambassador list about
need for a potential time change for this meeting; do we want to
consider this, or is it inevitabvle that some time zones will have
inconvenient times?
16:23 < geek_cl> Greetins from Chile
16:23 < JuanCarlosLin> we can discusse next meeting new time schedule to fit
16:24 < pcalarco> +1
16:24 < gregdek> Pick the time that gives us maximum participation.
Use the mailing list.
16:24 < JuanCarlosLin> ok... there is not more item to discuesse., let
finish the meeting, and talk freely to exchange ideas
16:24 < JuanCarlosLin> yes i will.
16:25 < JuanCarlosLin> thank you alll
16:26 < pcalarco> thank you, Juan Carlos
16:27 < inode0> so we meet again on the 7th of April?
16:27 < JuanCarlosLin> yes,
16:30 < gregdek> ...
16:31 < gregdek> A month?
16:31 < gregdek> Doesn't that seem like a long time?
16:33 < pcalarco> we agreed to meet once a month at the January meeting
16:34 < inode0> with additional meetings as needed scheduled in between

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