[Ambassadors] Cebit Report 2008

Robert M. Albrecht romal at fedoraproject.org
Mon Mar 10 08:14:54 UTC 2008


I occupied the KDE booth for two days.

The small booths for open source projects are free. Linux New Media 
(largest german magazine publisher for Linux) sponsors them.

So next year, all we have to cover is travel and a place to sleep.

Hotels hat cebit-times are out of the questios (several hundred euros per 
night). KDE rendet a flat for a week and all kde-people stayed there. Seems 
that many Hannover residents leave the town for the cebit-week and rent 
their flat / home to companys.

Food is very expensive, so you have to bring your own. Getting some slots 
for presentations or talks is fairly easy.

Most people came to the KDE booth and asked non-kde questions 
(installation, can I run MS Office, drivers, ...) , so there is a large 
audience for spreading linux and open source in general.

Debian had a small booth and ubuntu had both booths, althoug very badly 
placed. KDE and Gnome were perfectly placed. Opensuse was present with two 
PCs at Novell.

I posted some pictures in my blog: blog.romal.de

And sadly, Fedora ist not very know in Germany. Suse and Ubuntu are the big 

The weekend was mainly enduser, the other day are business-users. We had a 
lot more visitors on saturday than on sunday.

As Cebit is the worlds largest computer fair, we should really get a 
presence their next year.

cu romal

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