[Ambassadors] RE: LinuxTag hotel (readme if you will attend LT)

Oliver Falk oliver at linux-kernel.at
Mon Mar 10 13:17:38 UTC 2008

Gerold wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
>> Guys, this is YACO (Yet Another COnfirmation). :-)
>> I'll be there. Flight is already booked. I'm coming together with one of
>> my colleagues on 28th Mai early in the morning and fly back on Monday
>> evening ('bout 20:00 I believe). Secretary is still searching for some
>> hotel, but that should not be a real problem.
> ^^
> fine :-)
> do you want to come as visitor of Linuxtag or as Ambassador to help?

What help is required? I'd like to come and help as an ambassador of course!

[ ... ]

>> Any wiki/list where I should put my name on?
> ^^
> see the below mail, there are all your question concerning this question
> answered ....
> but if you don't find the link
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/LinuxTag/LinuxTag2008 here it
> is again

I'd like but... internal server error when trying to log in :-(


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