[Ambassadors] Cebit Report 2008

Robert M. Albrecht romal at fedoraproject.org
Tue Mar 11 20:38:47 UTC 2008


> Who is the audience?

Cebit is mainly business, but there is a high percentage of endusers. Cebit 
is flooding people with free tickets, as the visitors declinded the last years.

Saturday they had even free entry for women.

And Fedora is not strictly non-business. We use it in our company, 
Wikipedia uses Fedora, Nasa, ...

And Cebit is worldwide! I attended the KDE booth this year and had some 
interessting talks to people from all over the world: India, Russia, 
Chinese, some smaller countries like Rumania, Aserbaidshan and Ukraine.

> Can we push them to support the FedoraProject? 

The first step is to increase its visibility at all. Fedora is mostly 
unkown in Germany.

And for competitive reasons alone: Ubuntu, Debian and openSuse are present.

The whole Redhat family is missing. Redhat was absent this year (god knows 
why). Fedora and CentOS too.

> And because it is a business focused event, there should be a concept to 
> achieve certain goals, like - indroduce them the EPEL Repo, or how it can 
> help to raise the quality of their "inhouse builds" to package for the EPEL 
> Repo, or explain them why it is a good thing to encourage their employees to 
> work for the Fedoraproject. 

EPEL might be a good thing to show in a talk.

I will try to get a presence in 2009.

cu romal

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