[Ambassadors] Open Expo Day1

JoergSimon simon at simline.de
Wed Mar 12 22:52:30 UTC 2008

My personal event hat-trick - three big FOSS events in three weeks in three 
different countries - is almost finished.
I have little work in Bern, Switzerland to do related to my job, and so i am 
in the lucky position to support this event.
After a stormy trip from Stuttgart to Bern - btw. i started 04:00 AM at my 
place - i arrived at 07:30 to help Timea, Fabian, Sandro to polish the booth 
and start the day. As seen on FOSDEM and CLT the Posters are working fine. We 
had a nice little booth.
There was also a install zone where people could bring Hardware to fix 
problems or install Linux, and Sandro did a great job to help the people 
Frederic from the Frankfurt RedHat Office brought us DVD´s and we switched him 
in a Fedora Contributor, put him in a Fedora Shirt and send him to help 
Later, Alan arrived and stayed with us almost the whole day, some of his 
masterpieces was a strange construct of Powerplugs to match the swiss 
electrical sockets  maybe someone remember my own Power Plug Adventure ;-) - 
another one on the social event, he jailed google in a bottle jail, i am sure 
Fabian or Sandro who has taken pictures off it, can tell this story better 
then i.
The event itself was incredible, the area with exhibitors is larger then 
Linuxtag in Germany - and much much people, hope i get some numbers tomorrow.
We had good talks with visitors about our Fedora Project, but - they want to 
try it, "maybe" want use it - and are to shy to contribute to it. We gave 
away some DVD´s, LiveCD´s, Flyers and Stickers. I am sure, now there are a 
lot more people in Bern, Switzerland who know the role off the Fedora 
Project - in German there is metapher - constant dropping wears the stone. We 
achieved so much in the last weeks - Linux Magazin will bring a illustrated 
Story about Fedora EMEA, Robert will give a Podcast about Fedora in the next 
Weeks, and i had also a premiere, today was my first official interview with 
a guy from the University of Bern - i will keep you informed what happened 
with it. The social event - as expected not able to beat CLT ;-) - was nice 
and valorized with lightening talks.I am really look forward to the Open Expo 
Day 2 - the Community Day. 
Jörg Simon
jsimon at fedoraproject.org
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