[Ambassadors] RE: Ambassadors Meeting EMEA - IRC Log 2008-03-12

Krzysztof Hajdamowicz uosiumen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 12:21:45 UTC 2008

> 21:19 #fedora-meeting: < spevack> I think that we need to make media
> somewhere in EMEA that can ship to other places in EMEA.  And we make
> media in USA for places in USA.  But it is a waste of money to ship CDs
> across the ocean, and pay for customs.
> 21:20 #fedora-meeting: < spevack> Fedora can pay the bill, but I need
> help from locals in Europe to find a good manufacturer and price.

I can talk with TAKT CD/DVD manufacter. the WWW is
http://www.takt.com.pl/index.html (english and dutch languages
Minimum quantity is 500DVDs, I think that it is not enough for Europe.
I should know price within 2-3 days

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