[Ambassadors] OpenExpo Day 2

JoergSimon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Thu Mar 13 22:46:26 UTC 2008

Today was our last Day at Open Expo. We were a strong team Fabian, Timea , 
Sandro, Frederic and finally Alan Cox and Jan Wildeboer. We all answered 
questions an encouraged people to work with us. A view minutes before i get a 
mail from a new contributor who want support Chitlesh with Fedora Electronic 
Jan and i had conversations with OLPC.ch and arranged some contacts to 
support/start a project in Jericho. Because Jan brought his OLPC B1 with a 
newer SW Version as the OLPC B2 that we had, i decided to upgrade firmware 
and software to try the colaboration stuff, Alan crossed his Fingers and 
after a view workarounds both OLPC could work together. Even the formating 
process looks great. Max&Seth, you see your old OLPC get a second life :-)
All DVD´s, CD and many Flyers are given away - Fabian has the numbers. From 
the countless number of people with i had conversation at this day, there 
were around 10 People who will do something to support Fedora in some way. 
Yes, we need that "Join Fedora Station" and a coordinated mentoring to pick 
them up.
I had also interesting talks with business people and told them how they can 
participate to the Fedora Project and get benefit (not in Money counts) with 
It is impossible to describe the fun and all the good things - that is 
somewhat you must experience by yourself. 
Find some pictures http://www.simline.de/OpenExpo08/

Jörg Simon
jsimon at fedoraproject.org
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