[Ambassadors] IRC Log of FAmSCo Meeting - 07 Mar 2008

John Babich jmbabich at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 20:13:07 UTC 2008

Sorry, I just realized that this was not posted to the Fedora
Ambassadors List last week

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John Babich
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From: John Babich <jmbabich at gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Mar 8, 2008 at 9:55 PM
Subject: IRC Log of FAmSCo Meeting - 07 Mar 2008
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<fugolini>      who is here?
 *       fabian_a :-)
 *       iWolf is here
 *       jmbuser is here
 <fugolini>      ok, we have the legal number
 <fugolini>      roll call:
 <fugolini>      FrancescoUgolini
 <fabian_a>      FabianAffolter
 <jmbuser>       JohnBabich
 <iWolf> rats.
 <iWolf> I have to leave.  My wife called to say she slid off the road
 into the ditch  (snow).
 <iWolf> So sorry guys...
 <iWolf> I will read the logs and catch up.
 <iWolf> my apologies again.....
 <iWolf> :(
 <jmbuser>       iwolf: I hope she's ok
 <fugolini>      ok, so we will have an informal meetin (jeffrey: no
 problem, good luck)
 <fabian_a>      no problem
 <jmbuser>       log?
 <fugolini>      ?
 <jmbuser>       !
 <fugolini>      jmbuser:
 <jmbuser>       Are we keeping a log or is this off-the-record?
 <jmbuser>       eof
 <fugolini>      we have an IRC log
 <fugolini>      if someone want to keep it
 <jmbuser>       fugolini" I'll keep it
 <fugolini>      good
 <fugolini>      ok, today we will discuss about "soft" issues, we are less
 than the FAmSCo majority and Max couldn't be here givining us more
 detail about budget issue (we will continue the discussion in the M-L)
 *       ChitleshGoorah has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
 <fugolini>      Meeting agenda:
 <fugolini>      1. FAmSCo and Ambassadors wiki pages updates
 <fugolini>      2. Open Ambassadors Initiatives status
 <fugolini>      if someone want to add other issues please tell me now
 <fugolini>      3
 <fugolini>      2
 <fugolini>      1
 <fugolini>      Ok, we start with the first issue in the agenda: FAmSCo and
 Ambassadors wiki pages updates
 <fugolini>      Fabian wrote in the list that there are a lot of
obsolete wiki pages
 <fabian_a>      !
 <fugolini>      He was right.
 <fugolini>      fabian_a: (after i have to ask you a question
concerning this topic)
 <fabian_a>      as example: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Hoarding
 <fabian_a>      the ambassador start page
 http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors (there is too much content)
 <fabian_a>      http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Schedule
 *       MrTom (n=mrtom at fedora/MrTom) has joined #fedora-meeting
 <fabian_a>      and there are some more...
 <fabian_a>      eof
 <MrTom> ThomasCanniot
 <fugolini>      fabian_a: you answered my question, i was in search of
 hoarding page (i asked you in one of my mail to your thread)
 <fugolini>      but now it's okù
 <fugolini>      I think we have to take care of those page
 <fabian_a>      perhaps we should move this kind of content to art
 <fugolini>      those are our references
 <fugolini>      now i'm talking about the content pages
 <fugolini>      for the Hoarding page etc... i think we could start asking
 to Ambassadors
 <fugolini>      and then, with the help of art team we can improve them
 <fugolini>      it's ok?
 <fabian_a>      +1
 <jmbuser>       +1
 <fugolini>      ok, i'll write an email to the list tomorrow
 <jmbuser>       !
 <fugolini>      jmbuser:
 <jmbuser>       This is good time to be reviewing the wiki content and pages
 with the migration to MediaWiki coming soon.
 <jmbuser>       eof
 <fugolini>      this is the second part of this issue
 <fugolini>      i wanted to start
 <fugolini>      that's an hard work and i think each FAmSCo member with the
 help of all ambassadors has to take care of
 <fugolini>      We have to reorganize the welcome page (as fabian
 suggested), adding new content to ambassadors help pages
 <fugolini>      work on new meeting templates
 <fugolini>      etc...
 <fugolini>      i think we have to make a list of what we have to update
 (like a To-Do list)
 <jmbuser>       +1
 <fabian_a>      +1
 <MrTom> +1
 <fugolini>      If there aren't volunteers for such issue, i will
 (tomorrow) create a wiki page where each person could add the page he
 <fugolini>      it's necessary to update
 <fugolini>      we have moreover to decide a deadline: it's 15 days ok?
 <iWolf> back - wife is rescued...
 <fugolini>      (15 days starting from the creating of the wiki page=
 <fugolini>      iWolf: good
 <jmbuser>       !
 <fugolini>      *creation
 <fugolini>      jmbuser:
 <jmbuser>       15 days should be OK, but I believe no firm date has been
 set for the migration
 <jmbuser>       eof
 *       iWolf is caught up
 <iWolf> +1 on wiki cleanup
 <fugolini>      we can delay it whenever we want, it's just a trick to put
 us at work :)
 <fugolini>      starting from me
 <fugolini>      ehehe
 <fugolini>      ok, so tomorrow (nobody offers himself) i will create a
 wiki page with such list
 <fugolini>      if nobody as anything to say, we can leap to the next
 <fugolini>      3
 <fugolini>      2
 <fugolini>      1
 <fugolini>      2. Open Ambassadors Initiatives
 <fugolini>      I think you know the Fedora Ambassadors Wall initiative?
 <fugolini>      ok, we have received a lot of messages
 <fugolini>      and we are able to create the first poster with those
 <iWolf> !
 <fugolini>      for the layout i will ask nicubunu who gave me his
 avaiability for such work
 <fugolini>      iWolf:
 <iWolf> Is there a link to the first post?  I think I missed it.
 <iWolf> eof
 <iWolf> s/post/poster/
 <fugolini>      first post? about Fedora Ambassadors Wall?
 <fugolini>      ah
 <fugolini>      ok
 <fugolini>      i didn't talk with nicubuntu yet
 <fugolini>      givinig him the "go"
 <fugolini>      i wanted to ask you before
 <fugolini>      i want to ask you about the title: is ok "The
Ambassadors Voice"
 <fugolini>      a?
 <fugolini>      Second: at the bottom there will be the Fedora Ambassadors site
 <fugolini>      it would be a way to give more visibility to us
 <fugolini>      This is the reason i want to officialize it today
 <fugolini>      with an ok from FAmSCo we could create our first
Ambassadors Poster
 <fugolini>      it's ok? Have you concernings about it?
 <jmbuser>       !
 <fugolini>      jmbuser:
 <jmbuser>       Go for it - let's see what the Art team can come up with
 <jmbuser>       eof
 <fugolini>      ok, i think it's not necessary to vote for this issue
 <fugolini>      Now before adjourn the meeting
 <fugolini>      i want to remember that we will continue to discuss abot
 those issue on the M-L.
 *       iWolf phone
 <fugolini>      Currently (i don't forget past issue, but now we have
 different priorities) we have two main
 <fugolini>      issue:
 <fugolini>      *issues
 <fugolini>      1. FAmSCo Budget: as i remembered we are discussing about
 this on the M-L. Jeffrey is doing a great job defining report
 guidelines, defining the structure of this one
 <jmbuser>       +1
 <fugolini>      FAmSCo members are invited to give thei
opinions/ideas in the list
 <fugolini>      2. Wiki cleanup:
 <fugolini>      we have to update contents and make informations easy to find
 *       Mostafa (n=root at has joined #fedora-meeting
 <fugolini>      i will take care of it (if someone else want to do this)
 <jmbuser>       !
 <fugolini>      jmbuser:
 <jmbuser>       I can assist, but I can't drive it...
 <jmbuser>       eof
 <fugolini>      happy to hear this
 <fugolini>      thank you
 <fugolini>      Once again i have to ask you if there are other issues you
 want to discuss
 <fugolini>      3
 <fugolini>      2
 <fugolini>      1
 *       kital has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
 <fugolini>      So, thank all the attendees

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