[Ambassadors] IRC Log of FAMSCo Meeting - 14 Mar 2008

Elio Tondo elio at tondo.it
Sun Mar 16 18:40:25 UTC 2008

Francesco Ugolini wrote:

> This afternoon i'm going to start working over the Wiki pages cleanup.

Maybe someone already reported that (I have currently over 400 messages 
unread on Marketing and Ambassadors lists...), but I just noticed that 
at the bottom of the Fedora 9 Feature List:


there is a link to the Fedora 9 Release Summary:


that seems an incomplete template, beginning with

Fedora 9 (codename) Release Summary

and contents like:

Exciting feature blah
Lah lah lah

Wonderful improvement foo
oh my!. Screenshots..

Maybe the right page is somewhere else, and the link needs updating?


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