[Ambassadors] Re: Meeting Minutes of Fedora EMEA NPO Meeting

Gerold Kassube gerold at lugd.org
Tue Mar 25 20:21:38 UTC 2008


it's a pleasure for us, seeing you reading our meeting minutes and
responding; that's the feedback we want, that's the feedback we need for
doing our job well ...

Maybe it looks curious that some issues seems to be done twice or done
more times but please belive me/us that we try to look upstream with all
things we like to do.

By now, we are a "association" or a "company" call it whatever you want
and fortunately and also unfortunatly we have to cover legal things, law
etc. and most of theses things are discussed at our first Board meeting
and were topic of the agenda.

If you show us a software with which we can handle all our issues like
membershio administration, invoicing, balance reports etc. which cover
also additional German Law, we'll be glad to have your input! Robert is
looking for more than a month for the things we need to get all issues
clearly covered ...

As written, feel free if you have a solution, tell us!

Friendly yours


Am Dienstag, den 25.03.2008, 14:57 -0400 schrieb Bill Nottingham:
> JoergSimon (press at fedoraemea.org) said: 
> >  === Foundation Accounting and Membership Registration Software ===
> >  
> >   * Ownership: Robert Scheck
> >   * Progress: -
> >   * Meeting Minutes:
> >     * Available software costs money, ranging from 10-100 EURO/month, or 
> > one-time fees.
> >     * FOSS Software is old, unmaintained, or buggy/crappy. We do not have any 
> > explicit requirements to administration / accounting.
> >     * For now, a fairly simple spreadsheet should do, but with more members 
> > you do need professional software to be able to keep track of mutations.
> >     * Professional software has the advantage of being able to have 
> > professional invoices and accounting as well.
> >     * (Suggestion) Buy software or keep a spread-sheet, and look into linking 
> > into FAS2, keeping the additional information downstream but using the 
> > available information from upstream.
> >     * Look into more sustainable software then professional / commercial / 
> > proprietary anyway.
> >   * Action Item:
> >     * Robert Scheck buys professional software judging from what the bank 
> > recommends.
> >     * Requirements:
> >       * Professional Membership Management [mandatory]
> >       * Accounting [mandatory]
> >       * Invoices / Bills [mandatory]
> >       * Donation Receipts [mandatory]
> >       * English version [optional]
> This seems odd. Max, for example, has been doing budgets and placing them on the
> wiki without having to resort to additional software. How many of the various
> open source packages (GnuCash, sql-ledger, SugarCRM, etc.) have you investigated?
> Bill
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