[Ambassadors] IRC Log of FAmSCo Meeting - 24 Mar 2008

John Babich jmbabich at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 00:01:17 UTC 2008

<jmbuser_>	meeting?
<fugolini>	yep
<fugolini>	just few minutes
<jmbuser_>	fugolini: OK
* spevack waves
<fugolini>	ok, we can start
<fugolini>	roll call
<fugolini>	FrancescoUgolini
<jmbuser_>	JohnBabich
<fabian_a>	FabianAffolter
<spevack>	Max Spevack
<fugolini>	good
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<fugolini>	This is a special meeting
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<stickster>	PaulFrields audits
<fugolini>	According to "FAmSCo "special" meeting reminder - Monday
24th at 20.00 UTC" mail
<fugolini>	today's meeting agenda is:
<fugolini>	1. Define Fedora Event Budget criterias
<fugolini>	2. Event Reporting Guidelines
<fugolini>	3. Ambassadors' pages list
<fugolini>	Starting from the first one
<fugolini>	jeffrey today can't be here
<spevack>	I wrote an email about the first one about an hour ago
<spevack>	did anyone have a chance to read it?
<fugolini>	spevack: just read
<jmbuser>	yes
<fugolini>	jeffrey today can't be here, he sent a post in the list
(hoping you read it), the key point he expressed was:
<fugolini>	that it's necessary to define a standardize
<fugolini>	amount that we could give for each event
<fugolini>	and to figure out some key criteria
<fugolini>	that we need to know of an event
<fugolini>	(that's the first part of his mail, read it to understand better=
<fugolini>	for the first issue he proposed to set a base per event
<fugolini>	e.g. 100 attendes = 300$
<spevack>	my thoughts were that
<spevack>	it is a function of (1) size and (2) region
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<spevack>	and (3) how much sharing of materials can be done between
ambassadors in the same region
<spevack>	for example, if we can make a bunch of DVDs for North
America, and send them to a variety of events
<spevack>	anyway
<spevack>	i wrote this up longer in my email
<spevack>	as a proposal
<spevack>	what did people think of my idea of beginning to discuss it
on the main ambassadors list?
<fugolini>	i think we have to discuss before in the list
<fugolini>	to have an approximative idea
<spevack>	i want to give all of FAMSCo an opportunity to read my mail
and respond, and we will have our discussion.
<spevack>	especially Jeffrey
<fugolini>	we can risk to start a long time discussion without an head
<fugolini>	*a
<fugolini>	we could use the past events to determine the presumtive amount
<spevack>	fugolini: you're right.  We need to have the first idea of
some general parameters
<spevack>	for example
<spevack>	jmbuser: what do you think?
<spevack>	we have $12k to divide each quarter.
<spevack>	we want to represent regions fairly
<spevack>	based on how much activity is in each region
<spevack>	and the size of the shows
<spevack>	and the comparative "importance" of the shows
<spevack>	this shouldn't be too hard to do in a reasonably fair way
<fugolini>	spevack: i see in your blog a map of the regional activity,
could be available for the determination of the amount of resources?
<spevack>	fugolini: perhaps.  But also, we just need to ask the
Ambassadors who own each show to give us some idea of the size.
<fugolini>	finally:
<spevack>	I just don't want to make this more complicated than it
needs to be.  If there are 10 shows, then we can start by saying
"well, the average show gets $1,200"  And then we look at each show
and see if it is "bigger" or "smaller" than average.
<jmbuser>	spevack: sorry - I agree with the approach so far
<spevack>	anyway, i think we can discuss this on the list in that
thread.  maybe we should move on?  does anyone else have comments?
<fugolini>	finally:
<GeroldKa>	!
<fugolini>	(i was tring to resume .)
<fugolini>	GeroldKa:
* fugolini is lagged
<GeroldKa>	we (as Fedora Emea e.V.) are also creating or try to create
<GeroldKa>	a form which should be used for each event in EMEA
<GeroldKa>	BEFORE (goal is one year before) the event starts
<GeroldKa>	and should also be a budget plan
<GeroldKa>	because we think it's important for us to see, how we spend
our money also for Fedora Project as Project AND
<GeroldKa>	also for Red Hat
<spevack>	GeroldKa: that's excellent.  Part of what I hope is that
FAMSCo can simply maybe divide money up among regions, and then allow
the 2 or 3 Ambassadors who own events in each region to talk amongst
themselves a bit on how to further subdivide it.
<GeroldKa>	hope you find this usefull and you're willing to have a
look for our "form"
<spevack>	We have more discussion to do... I think maybe we will try a
few strategies this year and see what works best
<GeroldKa>	eof
<spevack>	fugolini: i think that as long as we are clear to the
Ambassadors and that FAMSCo keeps an open mind, we will be successful
in the end.
<spevack>	the best governance is the one that does the least necessary.
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<spevack>	EOF
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<fugolini>	Define Fedora Event Budget criterias : we will finish the
discussion on the list, then we will open it to Ambs list
<fugolini>	next issue: 2. Event Reporting Guidelines
<fugolini>	fomr jeffrey post:
<fugolini>	I posted an announcement to the Ambasssadors list and added a page to
<fugolini>	the wiki to help cover this for Ambassadors.  We may still need to
<fugolini>	address the "hard" numbers.  I.E. what numbers do we really want an
<fugolini>	ambassador to send us after an event?
<fugolini>	Like the previsous discussion
<fugolini>	i think we have to create a base scheme
<fugolini>	as you say a lot of time we need open reports
<spevack>	who owns this item?  Jeffrey?
<fugolini>	it's part of the reporting guidelines yep
<spevack>	I feel like I am one of the owners of the budget item, by
the way.  I consider myself accountable for making sure that gets
figured out
<fugolini>	ok
<fugolini>	i think it could be usefull
<fugolini>	just to have some based data
<fugolini>	this item is connected with our first issue
<fugolini>	if we know how many attendees at the booth etc...
<fugolini>	we could able to work over reosurce destinations
<fugolini>	*resources'
<spevack>	Off the top of my head:
<spevack>	here is the minimum stuff I would want to see
<spevack>	1) how many Fedora representatives were there?
<spevack>	2) how many (if any) Red Hat employees were there?
<spevack>	3) about how many people total attended the event?
<spevack>	4) what were the most popular questions at the booth?
<spevack>	there was an email that had many, many good suggestions in it
<fugolini>	i think this discussion, like the other, needs to be
discussed in the list
<fugolini>	the IRC meeting is usefull because we can figure out the core issues
<fugolini>	and then we can manage better the work
<fugolini>	someone else want to say something?
<jmbuser>	!
<fugolini>	jmbuser:
<jmbuser>	I agree that this meeting is great for organizing topics to
better present to the mailing list - that way we can get the best
response from the list
<spevack>	it seems like most of our work right now is all list-related
<jmbuser>	then the decision is well thought-out and transparent
<spevack>	what othe rthings do we need to talk about on IRC today?
<fugolini>	i'm quite tedious during the meeting (sometime in the list too)
<jmbuser>	eof
<fugolini>	spevack: Ambassadors pages Clean Up
<fugolini>	i've try to make a list
<fugolini>	like you suggested
<fugolini>	i review some of the pages
<fugolini>	i'm working over it
<fugolini>	many pages are ok
<fugolini>	but there are a lot of page out-of-date
<fugolini>	i think it would be necessary to contact the creators of those ones
<spevack>	fugolini: this is also an important task
<spevack>	because soon we will move to a new wiki instance
<spevack>	and if we can identify pages that are old and delete them now
<spevack>	there is less data to migrate
<fugolini>	http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/CleanUpPages
<fugolini>	when i wrote update
<fugolini>	it means that this page is out-of-date
<fugolini>	and could be deleted if nobody will not care of it
<fugolini>	i faced some difficulties understand the local ambassadors pages
<fugolini>	so i didn't take care of them
<jmbuser>	!
<fugolini>	i'm waiting the next EMEA meeting and i just post in the
M-L a mail to thomas cannoit
<fugolini>	*canniot
<fugolini>	jmbuser:
<jmbuser>	I cleaned up and rearranged
<jmbuser>	so that the meetings are in reverse chronological order
<jmbuser>	eof
<fugolini>	i saw it
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<fugolini>	moreover i saw a lot of redoundant pages
<fugolini>	that have content from other pages
<fugolini>	e.g. Infrastucture (alias, AS)
<fugolini>	*other pages from other sub-project
<fugolini>	i think we could semplify everything
<fugolini>	redirecting to the right pages
<spevack>	fugolini: +1, i trust your judgement on what is important
<fugolini>	another task is Ambassadors home page
<fugolini>	i think we could discuss about this after we review and
cleaned all the pages
<fugolini>	so we have a clear map of what we have and what we have not
<fugolini>	*we could have
<fugolini>	done
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<fugolini>	that's all
<fugolini>	i invite everyone who see that something in the list is
incorrect or have suggestions
<fugolini>	*sees/has
<fugolini>	to express those ones
<spevack>	I think the cleanup page is great.  i will look through it
and make my comments of what i think can be deleted
<jmbuser>	+1
<fugolini>	thanks
<fugolini>	so if someone has other issue to discuss
<fugolini>	...
<fugolini>	*another
<fugolini>	so i'm going to post my opinion on your mails
<fugolini>	i think we can adjourn the meeting
<fugolini>	we are going to have another one this firday
<fugolini>	we have discussed enought
<fugolini>	3
<fugolini>	2
<spevack>	thank you francesco
<fugolini>	1
<spevack>	let's try to have made progress on everything by friday
<spevack>	so we can approve our decisions and move to new topics!
<fugolini>	== Meeting adjourned ==

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