[Ambassadors] Fedora private mirrors for Sri Lanka

Danishka Navin danishka at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 03:24:26 UTC 2008

Hi All,

Currently I'm handling Free-media project for Sri Lanka, and Maintaining
Sinhala language for the Fedora.
But I relized that Free-media project is not a total solution for a
Sometimes we are busy with our work. And the Form activation is only one day
per month.
But still Free-media project is good. But we can go ahead.

I have proposed to Sri Lanka Linux community to have private mirrors on each
and every university.
Its the 1st phase. As the the 2nd phase putting Fedora mirror on the Sri
Lanka School-net, thats is the official VPN for all the schools in Sri

Please provide a rough idea of space, connectivity and bandwidth assuming a
test case like this.

you host latest stable release
synchronize every two weeks
100 regular users per university

My ultimate target is to cover each and every academic and region IT centers
in Sri Lanka.

Appreciate you earliest response.

Danishka Navin
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