[Ambassadors] CLT08 Stormy Day 1

JoergSimon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Sun Mar 2 00:25:35 UTC 2008

CLT08 Stormy Day 1

Storm "Emma"(in Germany a Wether phenomenon is named) catched us right as we 
leave the hotel so we had a really wet stormy start in this great day.

Chemnitz is the former City "Karl-Marx-Stadt" and in front of the hotel there 
was a 3 Floor high Head of Karl Marx (!) - not sure what i should think about 

First - hurray our fedora flag hung on the same place - so no trouble were to 
After placed the tech. Equipment - one Fedora 8 Laptop with Gnome, one Rawhide 
Laptop with KDE4, one OLPC B2 and a ALIX Board (close to the olpc hardware) 
wich is running Fedora.
We started a IRC Session on the KDE Laptop so the visitors could ask questions 
on the fedora-de channel - without knowing it visitors are allready using one 
main aspect in the Kommunikation of the FedoraProject - but we told them!
As a further aspect we started the Wiki with the "Join Fedora" Web-Page, not 
in german but in english because the german translation of this page is 
translated with the german courtliness-form to say a polite "you" (no idea 
how to explain this correct) and for the audience in Chemnitz this is a way 
to dissociate - so Fabian ;) we will discuss to find a way that match all - 
anyway thanks for your great work to translate all this stuff - as you see, 
we work on reinforcement - as example the two who asked you on IRC.
On the Booth we had all kind of people Students, Professors, Kids, EndUser, 
Developer, Admins ...
To hire them for Fedora is not easy, often i focused on the translation and 
artwork part of the project - i was happy that i had seen Dimitris Glezos 
Transifex talk last week - but this was surely not enough, so Fabian - i hope 
you get much questions and contributors. What we really achieved here? Much 
to less in form to get more committed contributors - but tomorrow is another 

I visited the OLPC talk of Christoph Derndorfer olpc.at and i was impressed 
about the work that they have done and how many non technical ideas are 
behind it - nice side effect he told me that he visited Boston in the last 
weeks and had lunch with Greg de Koenigsberg so always the same suspects ;-) 
Dear Reader, if you are a Package Maintainer for Fedora, there is a list wich 
Fedora Packages are on the OLPC , so look, maybe you have done more then you 
know for the OLPC Project. We had a 10 year old girl on the booth that was 
playing 30 min with the OLPC, then she found a application and asked me hey 
it is in english why is it not german i tryed to solve this whith 
sugar-control-panel - but it was not there, after a view minutes in the OLPC 
Wiki and a short chat with Dennis Gilmore we deside not to ruin the OLPC B2 
with upgrading it to a newer version - because i need it in good shape in a 
view days on the OpenExpo in Bern to support Fabian on his Booth.

The social event was great as always - Menu 5 courses - great entertainment - 
i will look for some pictures.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me - it helps me to work on my clumsy 
english ;-)
Jörg Simon
jsimon at fedoraproject.org
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