[Ambassadors] How a company may help FedoraProject ?

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Tue May 6 09:05:25 UTC 2008

Jonathan Basse wrote:
> Hello there,
> Beside my role of TAM for Red Hat one of my customer came with the following 
> question on my @fedoraproject.org address.
> As I am not really sure how to deal with that any advice would be much 
> appreciate !
> =================================================
> as we disscussed, I'm very intressed to hear how company's can best help the
> community.
> What lack the Fedora Community to be more successfull in producing a rock
> solid Linux Distribution, As foundation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux?
> I d'like to make a proposal how we can give the community somthing back
> thx for your feedback mike"
> =================================================

That's a interesting offer but depends really on what the company's 
expertise is:

* If they are willing to donate hardware or resources, refer 

* Bring their applications into the Fedora repository (and EPEL) if they 
are open source

* Assist with testing releases, providing feedback and patches for what 
they consider important at a fraction of the cost required to push 
changes into a commercial product

* Porting. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Architectures

I would suggest asking them to talk to the Fedora Board and establish a 
working relationship that is mutually favourable.


Hope that helps.


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