[Ambassadors] Let me introduce myself

G balajig81 at gmail.com
Wed May 7 09:24:42 UTC 2008


This is Balaji from India . I reside in chennai and i work for an
TeleCom Company as a Software developer. I am happy to be part of the
Fedora Ambassadors team and i look forward to extend my contributions
more to the fedora project. I am already part of the Bug Triagging
team and test packages from the bodhi repository and give feedback to
the developers.We use Fedora in our company/projects to a great

Now that i ve become an official member of the Ambassadors team i
would like to help in expanding the fedora user base and the
contributor base.

Things which i feel could be done to kick off my contribution:
1.There are lot of people whom i know who are new to Linux and i help
them setting up fedora in their boxes/laptops . I ve been doing that
and would continue to do that.
2. There are tech savy people whom i know are interested in being part
of big open source projects but are not in a position to start
contributing to the projects. I feel this would be a great opportunity
to pull in those people to be part of the Contributors team
3. As mentioned above there are lot of people who use fedora in my
place of work and hence would like to act as a funnel between those
people and the fedora community to bring in their ideas and
suggestions that would help us in improving the experience.

I would appreciate any sugestions on the above points :)

Look forward for this exciting journey.


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