[Ambassadors] Let me introduce myself

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Wed May 7 10:13:55 UTC 2008

"G" wrote:

> In my project which is a 10 member team we have some 6-7 boxes running
> fedora and this is just in one project so there are many projects
> where fedora is installed as THE linux Distribution.Regarding setting
> up the mirrors, i shall take this up with the company and will let you
> know whats happening on this front. I would like to know some details
> on this. What would be the bandwidth required to set this up and what
> kind of systems you feel would be good enough to handle the load.and
> any other details that would help me in taking this forward too


Note that the current couple of Indian mirrors don't meet the precise 
bandwidth requirements and have been despite that since relatively 
slower mirrors are better than nothing. More such mirrors would help. So 
if you have the disk space and reasonable bandwidth, your mirror could 
still be added.

>>  We have opportunities all over the place to do exactly that.
> Yeah exactly there is lot of info but lot of my friends ask me on how
> to contribute and stuff like that though i used to point them to the
> same link i felt that a little bit of intro on what happens in Fedora
> ( a small introduction on whats happening) should be really useful i
> feel :)

Agreed. Hand holding people through specific processes that match their 
interests is still useful c.f. mentors.


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