[Ambassadors] EMEA Membership Questione

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Thu May 8 15:03:25 UTC 2008

The benefit of having an actual legal entity -- in this case it is 
called "Fedora EMEA" -- is to make it easier for events related to 
Fedora to happen in Europe.

Think about it this way:

The same way that FAMSCo helps to organize (and fund) everything that is 
happening in Fedora Ambassadors all over the world, the Fedora EMEA 
group can help to organize (and fund) events that are happening in 

My ultimate goal, in the work that I do with FAMSCo and also in the work 
that I will be doing in Europe, is this:

Give the budget that Red Hat sets aside for Fedora directly to the hands 
of our community leaders, and allow them to make the most of it.

The reason why the Fedora EMEA "non-profit organization" is important is 
because it is a "legal entity" that makes it possible for Red Hat to 
transfer a large chunk of budget (say, several thousand dollars) 
directly to that organization, and know that the money is being 
accounted for properly, and being spent on promoting Fedora and 

I don't want people to get caught up in this whole idea of "membership". 
The goal should not be to raise money from our own Ambassadors, who are 
already giving us so much.  The goal of Fedora EMEA non-profit is to be 
able to take money from Red Hat in an easier way, and also to be able to 
take sponsorship money from any other group or company that might want 
to give it to *Fedora*, but that cannot give it to *Red Hat*.

The Fedora community in EMEA -- ambassadors, developers, translators, 
Red Hat employees, Fedora users -- is my main focus, starting next week.

The Fedora EMEA non-profit is simply a *tool that we can use* to help 
ourselves be better organized.

I know that many people will be at LinuxTag in Berlin in a few weeks. 
I would like to use some of the time that we have when we are all 
together in a room to talk more about this.

Please, if you have any more questions, let me know and let's talk about 


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