[Ambassadors] EMEA Membership Questione

Robert M. Albrecht romal at fedoraproject.org
Sat May 10 05:53:01 UTC 2008


Sandro "red" Mathys schrieb:
 > Thank you Christoph, I already thought I'm the only guy who's thinking
 > something's going terribly wrong there.
 > +1 on everything, especially the €128.
 > Even though I can afford that money quite easily, I really have no idea
 > how that helps me to save money for travels to events a.s.o.

The membership fee is astronomicaly high, thats correct. For many people or 
countrys is out of the question. And I think it`s the highest membership 
fee I ever saw.

The interessting question is, what happens with this money ?

If it`s well spend, it`s ok from my side. If it`s not well spend, it`s 
better to donate that money to the Free Software Foundation, as they are 
doing far more important job than promoting a single distribution. Or if 
you want it more direct, you could also donate the money to KDE for example.

Donating the money to FSF or one of the projects would benefit the whole 
free software world.

After all, Fedora is still some kind of outsourcing-project to reduce the 
cost of development for RHEL. Fedora would not survive without Redhat, 
unlike Debian or Gentoo.

cu romal

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