[Ambassadors] EMEA Membership Questione

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Sat May 10 16:02:52 UTC 2008

On Sat, 10 May 2008, Robert M. Albrecht wrote:

> Fedora would not survive without Redhat, unlike Debian or Gentoo.

There was a time when this statement was true.  But I don't think it is 
true today.  Even if all Red Hat support for Fedora disappeared tomorrow 
(which it won't, but we're playing pretend), I believe that the 
infrastructure of participation that we have built up over the past few 
years ensures that Fedora, as an independent, fully-functional operating 
system, would continue to exist and thrive.

I'll quote myself from an interview I did with LWN last year, after the 
release of Fedora 7:

"Red Hat will continue to be Fedora's biggest sponsor, providing 
development resources, infrastructure money, bandwidth, 
community-budget, FUDCons, legal support, etc.

However, I believe that it is ultimately the job of the Fedora Project 
Leader, whoever that person is, to say "what do I have to do to ensure 
that the Fedora Project can grow and thrive, *EVEN IF* all Red Hat 
support were to one day disappear"?

It's a hypothetical question. But the answer is real. And the answer is 
the critical path of Fedora in a 2-3 year horizon."



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