[Ambassadors] EMEA Membership Questions

Gerold Kassube gerold at lugd.org
Sat May 10 21:29:09 UTC 2008


Am Samstag, den 10.05.2008, 22:32 +0200 schrieb Christoph Wickert:
> Hi all,
> first of all I'd like to say thanks to Gerold who called me up early
> yesterday morning to dispel my concerns. We talked for more than a hour,
> in the end Gerold was late for work but he still did not manage to ally
> my doubts. 
> > I know there's reasons for the membership fee to be 128 EURO/year. 
> According to Gerold there were two reasons for the 128 EUR:
> a) "we are binary people" and 128 EUR equals 2*2*2*2*2*2*2.
> b) "we are having the same fee in my local LUG, too"
> Honestly I don't think that any of these sounds convincing. Maybe there
> are better reasons, but this is what Gerold told me on the phone. 
THIS were my answers why the numbers are 1 2 8 and not 123 or 241 or 85
or something similar ...
AND definitly NOT the reasons why the Foundation members voted for EUR
128 per year!

I also explained that I like the idea to propose a "binary membership
- because we are a computer driven NPO
- 128 is a multiple of 2
and also once again: The members of Fedora EMEA who attend the
foundation meeting elected 10 vs. 0 FOR that fee!

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