[Ambassadors] EMEA Membership Questions

Gerold Kassube gerold at lugd.org
Sat May 10 21:40:28 UTC 2008

> > Other 
> > people agreed with the proposal back in the day when we founded this 
> > NPO. We've had new members join since, and obviously they agree with the 
> > membership fee. 
OMG ...
One day Christoph, we meet again (let`s say in two weeks) ...
and then we discuss all your issues and your concerns in a long night
and then you DON`T change my words in my mouth and DON`T interpret
issues you don't know about or ask somebody before ...

THIS ISSUE was not discussed in our call but I tell you why we haven`t
new members "hired" right now.

1.) Fedora EMEA has founded and gave the "paperwork" to the registration
court WHO register the NPO ..
2.) BEFORE THAT LEGAL ISSUE isn't done, you can`t have other members
than the foundation members
3.) IN THE SAME TIME, we gave our statutes to the financial department
to get the status as a "tax reducable association"

Issue 2 was confirmed at 2008-04-22
Issue 3 was confirmed YESTERDAY

And as you pointed clearly out, that you won't become member of that
NPO, because of the membership fee; I also told you that this is no
problem at all!

BUT I have FOUR other people who will sign her membership at LINUXTAG
2008 in Berlin, and believe me I don't put the gun on her chest and told
"membership or die" ...

4.) We did not start yet to have advertise Fedora EMEA e.V. because of
2.) and 3.)

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