[Ambassadors] EMEA Membership Questions

Gerold Kassube gerold at lugd.org
Sat May 10 21:52:46 UTC 2008

> Imagine this: 5 ambassadors want Fedora to be on Foo-Expo. On the
> other
> hand 5 ambassadors who are also Fedora EMEA members disagree and think
> it is better to visit an event called Bar-Con. When it comes down to
> voting guess who will get financial support for their event...

YOU are creating hypothetic and illusional scenes.

As more than once tryed to explain:
If anybody comes and askes for support from "Fedora EMEA e.V." we will
do all human possible to make it happen,
- with personal support
- with material
- and with money IF THE ASSOCIATION HAVE IN SPARE and the board is able
to help.

And also again ONLY for you: If we have (RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) money,
we have it from the MEMBERS of Fedora EMEA e-V- - Members who are
willing to help the Ambassadors which you mentioned in your f*****
examble above AND NO OTHER MONEY. 

And now tell me where is your SUPPORT for these five Ambassadors who're
not member of Fedora EMEA e.V.!

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