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Suren Karapetyan surenkarapetyan at gmail.com
Sun May 11 07:58:20 UTC 2008

Angel wrote:
> Hi,
> I got this reply from a Ubuntu mailing list. Already you got, his 
> thinking is wrong from the start. I want to give him a strong but 
> positive and good reply. Need all of your help, please. Thank you.
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> Hello There,
> I'm taking this conversation at the end but I must say some words. So 
> sorry for not keeping Russell Bhai's request for the time being.
> We like oils and don't like to be straight. You did not ask for any help 
> here and I neither pulled your leg nor discouraged you. May be I pulled 
> your leg on some other place and that is why you are hiding your name.
> I appreciate your initiative but alas you took a wrong side this time :) 
> . I wanted to use Linux and the first version was Red Hat 4, which I got 
> free with some Indian IT mag. That time my brother (was a CSE student) 
> and his friends tried to use it and after 9 days of trying they 
> successfully brought the Kernel Desktop Environment on.
> It's still that painful. Let me give you a small example and then you 
> might understand why we should forget about all the other Linux 
> distribution and start using Ubuntu. Here in Ubuntu I wrote "apt-get 
> install skype" from my Gnome's shell and it installed Skype and all it's 
> KDE dependencies ( as Skype is a QT application). Now when I tried to 
> install Skype through YUM, it says this not found that not found (for 
> example libqt3c102-mt not found, libqt3c102 not found) so why should I 
> keep trying and trying and trying?
> Can you change the system? No you are not. I did not attack you, I just 
> wanted to tell you Red Hat's ultimate goal is to make money, so they 
> will not change anything, our options are not closed yet. We have BOSS 
> distributions like Debian and Ubuntu, so why bother to keep trying 
> Fedora. :)

Well, You could tell him that the strength of Linux lies in the 
possibility of choice. And he should get a good understanding that a 
size which fits all, in reality doesn't fit anyone at all (windows?).
Ubuntu my be what he needs/likes and Fedora maybe what I need/like.
About the money thing... You could explain him that any company's 
ultimate goal is to make money (RedHat, Novell, Microsoft, Google and 
"even" Canonical). After that you could tell him (and You would be 
right) that Fedora has much less to do with RedHat than Ubuntu with 
So if he feels You have no chance to change the way Fedora works, than 
he has even less than You.

> Hope you get the message. If you want to stick with Fedora, you are 
> absolutely welcome. None of us here have any problem. What I mentioned 
> above is only my personal opinion and not a part of any survey. But I 
> feel that is the major reason people don't like to use that OS as a 
> primary daily life computing OS.
> One more thing, we really feel disturbed when we spend huge time on 
> finding solution and make the solution to public. Make that as simple as 
> my kid can understand. But people don't go through the solution and ask 
> nonsense questions. I honestly feel disturbed then.

I don't quite understand him here. Is he telling that he feels bad when 
he finds a complex solution to a problem and "has to" share it?

> Thanks for the understanding
> Omi
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