[Ambassadors] EMEA Membership Questions

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Thu May 15 13:08:03 UTC 2008

Hi Jörg,

thanks a lot for your statement.

Am Montag, den 12.05.2008, 19:36 +0200 schrieb JoergSimon: 
> Working together in a Community, that is absolut the point! 

Yes, but for me "community" and "working together" mean not to exclude
people in advance.

> A Ambassador who is not present make no harm to the Project and is no 
> Problem - Members in the NPO can slow us down - even can make us 
> inoperative - if they not contribute regularly.
> We need hard working Members and not people who participate only to be in the 
> NPO, get Travel Costs and Hotel Rooms payed. The fee is a clear statement to 
> work in the NPO to serve the Fedoraproject. 

I agree the fee is a statement, but do you think that on the other hand
not being able to pay the fee also is one? People who are not willing or
able to pay the membership may still valuable and hard working

> And there can not be a conflict 
> because FESCO, FAMSCO ... - are the rulers, the NPO serve the Fedoraproject 
> for their needs - and must Report it quarterly.

Sorry for asking again, but my question still isn't answered: Is Fedora
EMEA really bound to FESCO or FAMSCO from a judical point of view? Can
someone please show me the corresponding words in the EMEA statutes?

> It is really easy to abuse the work of much active people, without 
> constructive suggestion for a solution. 

Sorry if I did not point out my suggestion more clearly: Lower the
member fee to enable more people to participate. Especially because the
NPO is called EMEA but lacks ME and A at the moment.

> We live meritocracy, be sure if there are People who do valuable contributions 
> and can not pay the fee we will find a Solution, maybe Sponsors for them. 

It's a fact that we already have this situation. Think of Kushal for
example: No doubt that he is a valuable contributor and if I did not
offer him a free place to sleep he would not have been able to come to
Berlin at all. Two days ago he told me that he wont be able to come
anyway because he did not find a sponsor.

> If 
> you ever had really worked with the Community of Ambassadors you would know 
> that!

You just said that I never really worked with the Ambassadors Community.
Thanks a lot! Maybe I'm not the loudest person who always shouts out "Me
first", but I'm doing a lot of work for the project that you won't see
on this mailing list.

Please tell me, did you know what I just wrote about Kushal? If the
answer is "yes", then your "we will find a solution" is wrong. And if
the answer is "no", you are not in the position to tell me that I don't
know what's happening in the Ambassador's community.

> Happy Whitsun

Best Regards,

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