[Ambassadors] Ambassadors Meeting EMEA - IRC Log 2008-05-14

Fabian Affolter fab at fedoraproject.org
Thu May 15 21:26:46 UTC 2008

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<fabian_a> If there are some ambassadors around
<kital> mhm
<GeroldKa> please a roll call
<Southern_Gentlem> i am
<GeroldKa> GeroldKassube
<jmbuser> JohnBabich
<Southern_Gentlem> JamesBenWilliams
<fabian_a> FabianAffolter
<kital> JoergSimon
<petreu> PeterReuschlein
<fcrippa> FrancescoCrippa
<red_alert> SandroMathys
<fabian_a> Just a reminder.  Please follow our meeting protocol 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/IRCHowTo#Protocol.  Thank you.
<fabian_a> Please open our meeting page at 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2008-05-14 for the 
agenda if the wiki lets you
<fabian_a> there are no additional topic...thanks god it will be a short 
meeting ;-)
<fabian_a> Let's start...
<fabian_a> Report current status of FAmSCo
<fabian_a> News from FAmSCo
<fabian_a> fugolini: ping
<fabian_a> sorry i didn't attend the famsco meeting...so i have nothing 
to tell you
<fabian_a> only one thing
<MrTom> ThomasCanniot
<fabian_a> wiki migration to mediawiki will perhaps happen at the end of 
this month.  The test instance is still available at 
<fabian_a> next: Report current status of Ambassadors Membership
<fabian_a> As of 2008-05-12, 367 Ambassadors have been verified (signed 
CLA and joined 'ambassadors' group)
<fabian_a> Check 

<fabian_a> now events
<fabian_a> Please open Fedora Events 
<fabian_a> Some Release Parties were over, would anybody like to report 
<fcrippa> !
<fabian_a> fcrippa,
<fcrippa> just a couple of links
<fcrippa> http://flickr.com/photos/fcrippa/sets/72157605053375767/
<fcrippa> and some luca's photos (uploading still in progress...)
<fcrippa> http://www.flickr.com/photos/lfoppiano/
<fcrippa> event was great! :_)
<fcrippa> eof
<fabian_a> fcrippa: thanks
<fabian_a> anything about Fedora 9 Presentation at Tunis?
<GeroldKa> ?!
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<GeroldKa> maybe you should invite personally thus people who were not 
"much" present in the web to attend our monthly meeting
<GeroldKa> eof
<fabian_a> I sent around 25 personal invitation to people all over EMEA 
last month
<fabian_a> this didn't work out
<Southern_Gentlem> ?
<fabian_a> Southern_Gentlem,
<whitenoise> !
* whitenoise is now known as lfoppiano
<Southern_Gentlem> with the time change now i will be able to make more 
meetings eof
<fabian_a> lfoppiano,
<lfoppiano> I want to say only I'm writing my report, so tomorrow or in 
an hour  it will be published :)
<lfoppiano> about fedora 9 release party italy ;-)
<lfoppiano> eof
<fabian_a> Release Party Patras, glezos?
<glezos> fabian_a: scheduled for Saturday, seems pretty exciting.
<glezos> estimated people around 40
<glezos> printed t-shirts, etc.
* glezos expecting loads of fun.
<glezos> eof
<fabian_a> thanks, glezos (fwrong date in the wiki)
<fabian_a> other Release Parties?
<fabian_a> no?
<fabian_a> FAD LinuxTag, Attention: we will meet at a new location -> 
LinuxTag fair ground "Messe am Funkturm"
<fabian_a> there still some countries missing for the fad country 
overview, please step up and add your country 
<petreu> !
<fabian_a> petreu,
<petreu> are there any pages that show a overview about expenses to events?
<petreu> i had a look through the wiki but havnt found that much
<petreu> eof
<fabian_a> good question
<fabian_a> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Accounting contains some data 
but only rh (usa) budget I guess.
<fabian_a> have anybody some more details?
<petreu> yes, the thing is , i tried to get a overview for the 
CountryOverview site
<petreu> but there isnt that much detailed information on the wiki
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> make a rough estimate
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<GeroldKa> expenses and costs are very difficult to show them all (also 
in public); in the past we hadn't a overview at all
<GeroldKa> mostly it was that the event owner organised all and talked 
with max about his expenses
<GeroldKa> me from my perspective tried every event I organized to get 
at leat the room for sleeping paid
<GeroldKa> the fair ground expect Linuxtag is mostly for free
<GeroldKa> eof
<fabian_a> anything else about the up-coming FAD or LinuxTag at Berlin?
<petreu> !
<fabian_a> petreu,
<petreu> as you can see on the ML marco and i will organize some laptop 
<petreu> if you want to get some tell me on theml
<petreu> just notice the deadline
<petreu> eof
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<GeroldKa> on the booth nothing, really NOTHING will be sold ...
<petreu> !
<GeroldKa> if we need to sell such sticker please let me know in /query
<GeroldKa> eof
<fabian_a> petreu,
<petreu> nothn will be sold, this are giveaways
<petreu> i will get 1000 marco too, if other ambassadors will nee dmore
<petreu> for their local events
<petreu> they can order them
<petreu> its nothing about money making
<petreu> efof
<petreu> s/efof/eof
<fabian_a> petreu: is there a wiki page?
<petreu> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/Stickers
<fabian_a> petreu: thanks
<fabian_a> FrOSCon 2008 needs an owner!
<fabian_a> Is there anyone who would like to discuss another up-coming 
event or report a past event?
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<GeroldKa> some information about Linuxtag?!
<fabian_a> GeroldKa: sure go ahead
<GeroldKa> we`ll have 7 x 3,5 mtr as booth
<GeroldKa> we`ll have a three sides open booth
<GeroldKa> we have all personal with booth passes confirmed
<GeroldKa> we`ll have a FUDCon on Friday (2008-05-30)
<GeroldKa> we`ll have red Hat Human Resources at the booth
<GeroldKa> we will cover 9 different nations at Linuxtag
<GeroldKa> and we will have on Fraiday a one hour live radio Stream at 
Radio-Tux with interviews
<GeroldKa> we will have a OLPC
<GeroldKa> and last but not least a "... lot of fun ..."
<GeroldKa> eof
<fabian_a> GeroldKa: thanks
<fabian_a> are we done with the events?
<fabian_a> 3
<fabian_a> 2
<fabian_a> 1
<fabian_a> next: Status of the NPO
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> The German government confirmed Fedora EMEA as a tax reduced 
<fabian_a> GeroldKa,
<GeroldKa> you took my words out of my mouth ...
<GeroldKa> but
<GeroldKa> Fedora EMEA e.V. is ready to GO!
<fabian_a> GeroldKa: sorry
<jmbuser> Congrats
<GeroldKa> we will have another member meeting in front of Linuxtag at 
2008-05-27 in Messe am Funkturm in Berlin
<GeroldKa> the only issue is to elect a "new Teasurer"
<GeroldKa> eof
<fabian_a> anything else about the Fedora EMEA NPO?
<jmbuser> !
<fabian_a> jmbuser,
<jmbuser> Congrats on all the hard work in getting the NPO together
<jmbuser> good luck on LinuxTag - wish I could attend
<jmbuser> EOF
<fabian_a> jmbuser: thanks
<GeroldKa> so come on and join us
<fabian_a> Now the stage is open...anything else? Any more questions or 
topics before we close this meeting?
<fabian_a> 30
<fabian_a> 20
<fabian_a> 10
<fabian_a> 5
<fabian_a> Thanks for attending this meeting and spending 42 min of your 
day ;-)
<fabian_a> Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA 2008-05-14 has been 
adjourned. Next meeting in June 2008.

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