[Ambassadors] Best choice for DVD CD 9 give away

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Mon May 19 07:31:09 UTC 2008

On Fri, 16 May 2008, Matt Domsch wrote:

> No one is denying that there are some ppc Fedora users.  I sure hope 
> there are, for the efforts the ppc architcture team and 
> release-engineering put into it.
> However, producing media costs money; producing pressed media for 
> small batches (e.g. 50) costs more per-unit than producing larger 
> batches (~1000).
> A quick look at the number of Unique IP addresses downloading Fedora 9 
> media this week shows:
> ppc:     4201  ( 2.6%)
> x86_64: 37074  (23.0%)
> i386:  119845  (74.4%)
> So, a split of 75% i386 and 25% x86_64 seems entirely appropriate to 
> me, and a good use of the money.
> If Ambassadors wish to burn ppc media themselves to bring, they are of 
> course welcome and encouraged to do so.

For what it's worth, I agree with Matt.  And I'll add this observation: 
while about 25% of the *downloads* are for x86_64, I would say that 
about 5% of the *requests at shows* are for x86_64.  It is almost 
entirely not worth it to print anything en masse other than x86 Live CDs 
and DVDs.

I learned that the hard way, back in FC6, when I couldn't get rid of the 
x86_64 and PPC stuff that we printed to save my life.  Except for that 
one dude at FOSDEM who paid us 2 Euros for a PPC DVD.  That was 


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