Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora Project Brazil release the second of it’s Online Magazine

Rodrigo Menezes rodrigomenezes12 at
Tue May 27 03:48:36 UTC 2008

Rahul Sundaram escreveu:
> Rodrigo Menezes wrote:
>> We are proud to announce the second release of Revista Fedora Brasil 
>> (Fedora Brazil Magazine), an online magazine about Fedora made by 
>> Brazilian Ambassadors and Linux community members for those who speak 
>> Portuguese.
>> In this issue, we present the new Fedora 9 release and some articles 
>> about system-config tools, KDE4, Anaconda and more. To rock our 
>> world, a article about Frets on Fire, a really cool game to learn how 
>> to play a guitar. We have also included an interview with Eric 
>> Sandeen, ext4 developer from Red Hat and some Fedora news selected by 
>> Rodrigo Menezes and his team.
>> Our teams are growing and we hope more users come to join the team. 
>> At the same time, sugestions and comments are welcome.
>> Link (in pt_BR):
> There are a few things I suggested I would add again
> * Drop the non-commercial use restriction. It is really incompatible 
> with the ideas of Free software and you can read further at 
We'll discuss about this issue.

> * Publish the "source" material for this content. For example the 
> original content in scribus format or whatever publishing method you 
> are using. 
I don't got a reason for this on. We used scribus in all releases, in 
the first one we published the original content in the and nobody asked 
for it, so I don't think that it's necessary.

> * Consider doing a English translation.

This is a tough decision. We planned this magazine to be released every 
two months, even with a great team, we used all the time to produce this 
release. Maybe a english version could made the magazine to be released 
every 3 months, too much time. In the future, as our team grows, we can 
consider you idea. Thanks!!!
> Rahul
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