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[Ambassadors] Fedora Project Brazil release the second of it’s Online Magazine

We are proud to announce the second release of Revista Fedora Brasil (Fedora Brazil Magazine), an online magazine about Fedora made by Brazilian Ambassadors and Linux community members for those who speak Portuguese.

In this issue, we present the new Fedora 9 release and some articles about system-config tools, KDE4, Anaconda and more. To rock our world, a article about Frets on Fire, a really cool game to learn how to play a guitar. We have also included an interview with Eric Sandeen, ext4 developer from Red Hat and some Fedora news selected by Rodrigo Menezes and his team.

Our teams are growing and we hope more users come to join the team. At the same time, sugestions and comments are welcome.

Link (in pt_BR): http://projetofedora.org/Revista


Rodrigo Menezes

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