[Ambassadors] Ambassadors Meeting EMEA - IRC Log 2008-10-15

Fabian Affolter fab at fedoraproject.org
Wed Oct 15 21:08:01 UTC 2008

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<fabian_a> Let's have Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA. it's time
<moixs> :)
<fabian_a> Roll call, please
<spevack> Max
<cwickert> Christoph Wickert
<moixs> Steven Moix
<wonderer1> Henrik Heigl
<heffer> Felix Kaechele
<fabian_a> Fabian Affolter
<cassmodiah> Simon Wesp
<spevack> wonderer1: did you get those tshirts from fabian_a ?
<spevack> wonderer1: sorry i couldn't send them out myself
<wonderer1> spevack: not right now, but he said its on the way. thx.
<wonderer1> spevack: np. CDs are allready here ;-)
<fabian_a> wonderer01: the package was delivered to Gerold last wednesday
<fabian_a> Just a reminder. We'll still follow our meeting protocol to
make this meeting quick and efficient.
<fabian_a> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/IRCHowTo#Protocol
<fabian_a> Now, please open our meeting page at
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2008-10-15 for the
<fabian_a> Report current status of FAmSCo
<fabian_a> fugolini: ping
<fabian_a> so, we skip this if spevack have no objections
<spevack> normally i would jump in with an update from famsco myself
<spevack> but i have been traveling the last week and a half (in
Raleigh), so I missed the meeting and I'm a little bit behind.
<spevack> but i know the F10 release parties are being finalized
<spevack> and budget is also moving along
<spevack> I do have one request for everyone
<spevack> If you have had an event this quarter (since September 1) and
not gotten me your requests for reimbursement yet, please do so this
week.  I want to try to get everything up to date with the budget.
<spevack> thanks!
<spevack> EOF
<fabian_a> i will keep that in mind
<fabian_a> Current status of Fedora Events (passed & upcoming), passed first
<fabian_a> anybody?
<fabian_a> about OpenExpo, please visit
for the collection
<spevack> sure
<spevack> !
<fabian_a> spevack,
<spevack> i was at OpenExpo with Fabian
* spevack looks for his blog post
<jenskuehnel> !! Sorry I'm late! (JensKuehnel)
<spevack> http://spevack.livejournal.com/66777.html
<spevack> It was a good event from the perspective of seeing several
community members -- we had some good discussions, and pre-meeting for
FAD topics (like LinuxTag)
<spevack> I think everyone would have liked to see more traffic overall
at OpenExpo
<spevack> yesterday I spoke to 30 university students in The Hague
<spevack> and that went really well
<spevack> i think we will get a few new contributors, I hope.
<spevack> tomorrow I am going to Athens, and I will be there until
Saturday.  Athens Digital Week invited me to give a keynote speech,
which is on Friday
<spevack> I will see Dimitris Glezos as well.
<spevack> and i will see the Parthenon :)
<spevack> EOF
<moixs> !
<fabian_a> moixs,
<moixs> Nothing really fancy, but I gave a Fedora presentation in my
university of applied sciences (HEIG-VD, part of the HES-SO)
<moixs> It was done instead of an Ubuntu one, and around 20 people got
to install Fedora
<moixs> Note: they are still using RedHat 9 in the IT labs
<moixs> eof
<fabian_a> moixs: thanks
<fabian_a> if there is nothing else about past events in EMEA, let's
move on to the upcoming events
<wonderer1> !
<cwickert> !
<fabian_a> wonderer1,
<wonderer1> Only small announcement: next weekend, 18th Oct. is the
Linuxinfotag in Landau, germany. I'll be there with a little booth and
some stuff.
<wonderer1> if anybody wants to attend, come in :)
<wonderer1> its also linked on the upcoming wiki page.
<wonderer1> eof
<fabian_a> wonderer1: thanks
<fabian_a> so far we have still no confirmation about LinuxDay in
Austria. I'm working on this and I hope to fix it soon
<fabian_a> red_alert sent some details about the FAD EMEA to all attendees
<fabian_a> anything else about any upcoming event?
<cwickert> !
<fabian_a> cwickert,
<cwickert> we have "I-Party" this weekend here in Münster, a linux
install party with different distributions.
<spevack> !
<Karl_le_Rouge> !
<cwickert> I wonder if any of the german ambassadors can borrow me an
XO, because last year we had huge interest in it
<jenskuehnel> !
<cwickert> not much more to say: I don't need a budget, I don't need
posters, I have everything I need
<fabian_a> spevack,
<cwickert> eof
<spevack> Just wanted to remind folks again how important it is to make
sure your FAD EMEA details are all in on the wiki.
<spevack> eof
<fabian_a> Karl_le_Rouge, then jenskuehnel
<Karl_le_Rouge> 17-18th Oct, this is JDLL (Free Software Days) in Lyon
(France), Fedora will be represented by 2 ambassadors (Benoît Marcellin
and myself) and some local users folks
<Karl_le_Rouge> we will have also a booth eof
<jenskuehnel> EOF
<iranzo> !
<fabian_a> iranzo,
<iranzo> Hi, I'm Pablo Iranzo, from Spain (sorry for the late start but
was at dinner)
<iranzo> we're planning to get an official mirror at university with
RedIris networking
<wonderer1> !
<iranzo> they actually use it for internal deployment and after recent
rains is not available, but plan to have it ready in order to coordinate
it with a LUG presentation about F10 features)
<iranzo> will post on list when everything is ready, both at lug and
with mirroring
<iranzo> eof
<fabian_a> iranzo: thanks
<fabian_a> wonderer1,
<wonderer1> I have asked Famsco about Budget for the systems2008 in
munic (spevack), so I get no last-response (I know it was late and
expensive) can I assume, that there will be no budget for this year?
<wonderer1> then I can move on with other projects and can better plan
it for next year in detail...
<wonderer1> maybe max has new infos.
<wonderer1> eof
<spevack> i'm afraid there's just no budget for it, i'm sorry henrik.
<wonderer1> Ok, np. I only want to be shure.
<wonderer1> maybe next year :)
<wonderer1> eof
<spevack> :)
<fabian_a> before we open up the floor, just one thing
<fabian_a> ambassadors poloshirt...
* wonderer1 hopes that there will be available soon ;-)
<fabian_a> please add yourself to this list if you want one because we
have to order soon.
<fabian_a> now, the stage is open
<fabian_a> there was a entry about moving the meeting time
<wonderer1> red?
<jenskuehnel> !
<fabian_a> cassmodiah: ping
<cassmodiah> fabian_a jea?
<fabian_a> jenskuehnel,
<jenskuehnel> Has anyone who asked for a XO recieved one?
<heffer> !
<iranzo> !
<wonderer1> jenskuehnel: yes, cwickert.
<cwickert> wonderer1: no, jens means something different
<wonderer1> ok, sorry.
<jenskuehnel> From the last round, I got my deny about 3-5 days ago.
<fabian_a> http://gregdek.livejournal.com/37425.html
<jenskuehnel> I was talking about test fedora10 on it.
<jenskuehnel> Thanks fabian_a that exactly
<fabian_a> heffer, then iranzo
<iranzo> jenskuehnel, not me, but got two persons confirming being
included, one at EMEA one in the States
<iranzo> (sorry)
<heffer> just wanted to not that a deadline should be added to the polo
shirt wikipage
<heffer> eof
<iranzo> sorry, was answer for jenskuehnel two lines up. eof
<fabian_a> heffer: i'm in contact with kital about the shirt, he will
place the oder
* gregdek is still fighting to get shipping info.
<jenskuehnel> EOF
<wonderer1> !
<fabian_a> wonderer1,
<spevack> gregdek: do you want me to get you a fedora polo shirt?
<wonderer1> I saw on the FAD EMEA page some things are not clear. Maybe
red can later finish some things in detail, but maybe some folks can
complete things. Just remind to look at the page.
<wonderer1> eof
<gregdek> spevack: I'm good, dude.  The wife won't let me have any more
Fedora shirts.
<fabian_a> cassmodiah: about moving the meeting time for future meetings
from UTC 20:00 to UTC 19:00
<cassmodiah> !
<fabian_a> cassmodiah: go ahead
<cassmodiah> i'm working from 4:00 to 13:00 (UTC +2) i have to stand up
at 3:00. Meeting Time 22:00 (UTC +2) is a little problem for me. it
would be a little bit better for me if we can move it without problems
to 21:00 (UTC +2)... If there is a problem i will learn to life with it :-)
* spevack will come to the meeting at any time
<cwickert> !
<cassmodiah> eof
<fabian_a> the daylight saving will switch soon, but i personally think
to go on with 22.00
<fabian_a> cwickert,
<cwickert> according to
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/FedoraMeetingChannel the
channel is already occupied by the docs meeting at 19:00 utc
<cwickert> eof
<cassmodiah> !
<fabian_a> cassmodiah,
<cassmodiah> oh, sorry, i don't saw this. sorry...
<cassmodiah> eof
<wonderer1> !
<fabian_a> wonderer1,
<wonderer1> Only two small things: I saw at
http://alejandroacosta.com/eventos these "plates" wich goes to all guys
there. Maybe thats an idea for FAD Meetings (not for this year, but next
year or so).
* moixs has an exam tomorrow, going to bed
<wonderer1> If somebody think that could be a good idea, please tell me
and I look who we can buidl such things and what this can/will cost,
maybe as "Free as free beer" thingy.
<wonderer1> secodn:
<wonderer1> I just build some themes/wallpapers for my Blackberry for
Events. If also somebody was interrested in one please tell me. thanks.
<wonderer1> eof
<fabian_a> Any more questions, remarks, or open issues before we close
this meeting?
<fabian_a> Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA 2008-10-15 has been
adjourned. Next meeting in November 2008.

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