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[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Summary from 2008-10-29

inode0 was roped into leading the meeting.

* Conference Planning

  There was extensive discussion concerning the Linux Symposium in
  Montreal next summer and the possibility of organizing a Fedora
  conference in conjunction with it, possibly the F12 FUDcon. We will
  contact our Canadian ambassadors to see if they can take ownership
  of this event. Brian Powell will if they are unable to.

  We then discussed planning for a site for the F12 FUDcon more generally.
  Some sites that have been mentioned include Indianapolis, Chicago, Salt
  Lake City, Austin or Dallas, and Clemson. Paul Frields joined us to lay
  a foundation so we better understand the FUDcon planning process and its
  expectations. This was immensely helpful. Thanks Paul. We will continue
  to develop potential sites and keep Paul and Max Spevack informed.

  Additionally we discussed making sure there was a good Fedora presence
  at the inaugural Southeast LinuxFest (SELF) next summer. This could be
  a potential FUDcon site or possibly a site for FADNA or something else.
  We are going to begin thinking about how and where to hold future FADNA
  events now.

* Task List Items

  Event Box Update from Clint Savage. We have received tremendously
  positive feedback about the first Event Box and Clint has done some
  major updates to the wiki about the Event Boxes. A log book was suggested
  to be included or perhaps on the wiki for reporting about the adventures
  of each box. Clint also updated us on the development of a transfer
  policy to help these boxes travel smoothly from event to event.

  Q3 funding and media acquisition was touched on. We will follow up on
  these with the relevant parties to get this all straight in the next
  week or two.

* Open Floor

  Clint raised the question of how to more effectively process requests
  from ambassadors for various sorts of swag. Some discussion followed
  and Clint will work on setting up something on the wiki we can refer
  folks to for more information.

  Clint also pointed out the new columns on Fedora Events page which will
  support requesting and reporting about the event boxes in the future.

  David Nalley raised the issue of further dividing the US so that the
  workload/responsibilities can be spread out more. Some discussion of this
  followed and we will revisit this subject at a future meeting.

I would again like to thank all the participants, especially the new
ambassadors joining us for the first time tonight.

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