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[Ambassadors] Announcing "New Ambassadors Policy" updates

Following Joerg Simon, the most active Ambassadors Membership
Administrator, proposal, FAmSCo is announcing an update to the "New
Ambassadors Policy".

According to Joerg email the goals of this update are "to enhance the
Quality of New Members experience" and "reduce Introduction Traffic to
Ambassador List". FAmSCo, after reviewing all the reasons behind this
proposal, agreed to adopt these modifications.

Process to become an Ambassador in FAS (Fedora Account System):

1. In the Beginning NO SPONSORING! He gets a Message from Ambassador
Membership Service with all the steps including this Imperative Steps:

2. has to subscribe to M-L - (no Intro this is a low traffic list ...
in the message)

3. has to make a meaningful Personal WikiPage with his intentions and

4. has to send a "ready" message with a Link to the Wiki Page to
Ambassador Membership Service

5. Ambassador Membership Service collect and report to Famsco
periodically for approval of the new potential Ambassador.

6. SPONSORED by Ambassador Membership Service

7. Mail to Ambassador List with Wiki Links of new Members

This updates will take effects starting from 2008/09/15 (this Monday).
I'm sure New Ambassadors and the Project itself will benefit from
these updates.

About Ambassadors Membership Administrators (AMA)

AMA group is composed by Ambassadors and it's supervised by FAmSCo. It
has to accept new Ambassadors and give them the first informations
about the project and the action to do to became an Ambassador.
Currently it is composed by Joerg Simon, Fabian Affolter and Rodrigo
Padula and supervised by FAmSCo chair. If you have
questions/doubts/ideas and/or everything connected with AMA please
feel free to ask in Ambassadors list.

Best regards

Francesco Ugolini
on Behalf of FAmSCo

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