[Ambassadors] 2009-04-16 FAMSCO Meeting Summary

Thomas Canniot thomas.canniot at mrtomlinux.org
Sat Apr 18 20:07:55 UTC 2009

Hello and welcome to this nineth FAMSCO weekly meeting summary.

The latest meeting was hold on April 16th 2009 on #fedora-ambassadors

Francesco Fugolini
Max Spevack
Joerg Simona
Susmit Shannigrahi
Mathieu Bridon

Regreted attendees:
Rodrigo Padula
David Nalley

Meeting agenda :
1) What FAmSCo can do for your region?
2) What kind of FAmSCo do you want?

1. Open Issues
Francesco started by asking people what they want from think about
FAmSCo. However, there were few people attending the meeting.

Max then asked Thomas about the past Solution Linux event and the
wishes of the French community for next Solution Linux. Thomas answered
that FAmSCo respond in an appropriate manner to our requests as the
French community was able to achieve all the dreams is has for the
event. The only wishes they have is about the relationship with Red Hat
France that could be improved. As the first contacts between the French
community and RH happened few weeks before Solution Linux, it seems
understandable according to Thomas that this year was not THE year.

2) What kind of FAmSCo do you want?
Francesco then asked the attendance what they think about the proposal
of NA ambassadors about the future of FAmSCo, i.e. a FAmSCo composed of
one person for each big community (NA, LATAM, EMEA, APAC). The
attendance either agreed or did not answered the proposal. The issue is
going to be discussed widely then.

Francesco asked about the Budget to Max. Max confessed having troubles
with budget for NA because of the difficulties to have meeting with

Francesco adjourned the meeting.
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