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[Ambassadors] 2009-04-16 FAMSCO Meeting Summary

Hello and welcome to this nineth FAMSCO weekly meeting summary.

The latest meeting was hold on April 16th 2009 on #fedora-ambassadors

Francesco Fugolini
Max Spevack
Joerg Simona
Susmit Shannigrahi
Mathieu Bridon

Regreted attendees:
Rodrigo Padula
David Nalley

Meeting agenda :
1) What FAmSCo can do for your region?
2) What kind of FAmSCo do you want?

1. Open Issues
Francesco started by asking people what they want from think about
FAmSCo. However, there were few people attending the meeting.

Max then asked Thomas about the past Solution Linux event and the
wishes of the French community for next Solution Linux. Thomas answered
that FAmSCo respond in an appropriate manner to our requests as the
French community was able to achieve all the dreams is has for the
event. The only wishes they have is about the relationship with Red Hat
France that could be improved. As the first contacts between the French
community and RH happened few weeks before Solution Linux, it seems
understandable according to Thomas that this year was not THE year.

2) What kind of FAmSCo do you want?
Francesco then asked the attendance what they think about the proposal
of NA ambassadors about the future of FAmSCo, i.e. a FAmSCo composed of
one person for each big community (NA, LATAM, EMEA, APAC). The
attendance either agreed or did not answered the proposal. The issue is
going to be discussed widely then.

Francesco asked about the Budget to Max. Max confessed having troubles
with budget for NA because of the difficulties to have meeting with

Francesco adjourned the meeting.
[20:02:54] <fugolini>	so, roll call:
[20:02:57] <fugolini>	Francesco Ugolini
[20:03:02] <spevack>	Max Spevack
[20:03:05] <MrTom>	ThomasCanniot
[20:03:07] <spevack>	(also not very focused)
[20:03:21] Quit	sdziallas a quitté ce serveur (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
[20:03:34] <fugolini>	no problem
[20:03:36] <kital>	JoergSimon
[20:03:44] Pseudo	sdziallas_ est maintenant connu sous le nom de sdziallas.
[20:04:31] <fugolini>	As you seen, this time we haven't a schedule. BTW, I suggested the points touched during the last FAmSCo Regional meeting with NA
[20:04:31] <fugolini>	ambassadors
[20:04:34] <fugolini>	here they are:
[20:04:34] <fugolini>	1) What FAmSCo can do for your region?
[20:04:34] <fugolini>	2) What kind of FAmSCo do you want?
[20:04:58] <fugolini>	I hope to have summarized the 2 big issues (at the end they look the same)
[20:05:45] <fugolini>	From the past experience I see that it's better to let EMEA people start the discussion. What do you want from FAmSCo?
[20:06:05] <fugolini>	Unfortunately today there aren't so much EMEA contributors despite the reminders I sent in the list
[20:06:27] <fugolini>	This is not a good thing, just because this is the right place to discuss about Steering the community
[20:06:29] <spevack>	probably because everything is wonderful :)
[20:07:11] <fugolini>	maybe it is. So, my question is: what do you think about the North America Ambassadors perspective on FAmSCo?
[20:07:18] Joindre	MostafaDaneshvar a rejoint ce canal (n=MostafaD unaffiliated/mostafadaneshvar).
[20:07:30] <susmit>	so I think  APAC is most wonderful, there was no attendance in the last APAC meet :)
[20:07:43] <fugolini>	ehehe
[20:08:07] <fugolini>	next time, if I'm not wrong, there will be APAC in the meeting agenda :)
[20:08:20] <susmit>	right
[20:08:25] <fugolini>	I'll encourage people to join it, more than this time :)
[20:08:44] 	 * MrTom is quite surprise of the weak attendance today
[20:08:52] <susmit>	we may need to tune the time a bit to suite most people..
[20:09:20] <fugolini>	I think NA clearly show their own POV, on the future of FAmSCo.
[20:09:22] <MrTom>	it is 20pm here, i think it is mostly suitable
[20:09:29] <fugolini>	sure it is
[20:09:35] Joindre	bochecha a rejoint ce canal (n=bochecha fedora/bochecha).
[20:09:37] <fugolini>	at least for me
[20:09:45] <bochecha>	Mathieu Bridon, sorry for being late
[20:09:46] <MrTom>	let's welcome bochecha
[20:09:51] <fugolini>	great!
[20:09:54] <fugolini>	hi bochecha
[20:09:58] <MrTom>	glad to see a French guy
[20:09:58] <bochecha>	hi :)
[20:09:59] <susmit>	oops, I was talking  about famsco meet for APAC :)
[20:10:09] <bochecha>	did it start already ?
[20:10:23] <fugolini>	just chatting :)
[20:10:31] <MrTom>	waiting for people to join
[20:10:36] <MrTom>	it seems your the first
[20:10:42] <fugolini>	bochecha: we were starting today "agenda"
[20:10:46] <fugolini>	:)
[20:11:06] Joindre	adamw_ a rejoint ce canal (n=AdamW nat/redhat/x-c1bf158ef7d61005).
[20:11:28] <MostafaDaneshvar>	Hey Ambassadors
[20:11:33] <fugolini>	The question is this: What kind of FAmSCo do you want? And if you want a different one, what is missing in this FAmSCo (I mean the structure)?
[20:11:39] <fugolini>	hi MostafaDaneshvar
[20:11:44] <fugolini>	welcome on board
[20:11:50] <fugolini>	take a seat
[20:11:56] Quit	adamw a quitté ce serveur (Nick collision from services.).
[20:11:58] Pseudo	adamw_ est maintenant connu sous le nom de adamw.
[20:12:01] <susmit>	enjoy the show ;)
[20:12:29] <spevack>	i'd like to hear the french team talk about how the support they had for Linuxsolutions was, and what could be better or different in the future
[20:12:56] <MrTom>	this is the omg question :)
[20:13:49] <MrTom>	Well... support we had for solution linux was really appropriate as we could achieve all the plans we had
[20:14:25] <bochecha>	for the future, I'd like the Fedora Project to officially request that my employer lets me go to Solutions Linux... but that might not be possible ^_^
[20:14:51] <spevack>	bochecha: i'm happy to write a letter :)
[20:15:10] <MrTom>	for the future well, i think having a year of work between armel and veronique would make next year solution linux event better
[20:15:21] <MrTom>	with the full support of redhat fr for exemaple
[20:15:49] <MrTom>	i think this is my only wish for next year... better support from RH fr
[20:15:55] <spevack>	MrTom: that's what i figured you would say, and I agree with you
[20:16:26] <MrTom>	veronique was very busy with the event RH had in the middle east
[20:16:40] <MrTom>	i can understand this year was not THE year
[20:17:36] <MrTom>	i don't think i have more to say
[20:17:40] <MrTom>	unless you have questions
[20:17:49] <spevack>	no, no questions now.  thank you MrTom
[20:17:58] <MrTom>	ok
[20:18:52] <fugolini>	Anything to add?
[20:19:56] Joindre	hanthana_ a rejoint ce canal (n=hanthana 124 43 63 205).
[20:20:03] <fugolini>	I don't want to steal your time. Just tell me, if you have something to say to FAmSCo.
[20:20:15] Joindre	kirk_ a rejoint ce canal (n=kirk 206-81-148-16 slkc qwest net).
[20:20:16] <fugolini>	If you have anything to say about the NA proposal of FAmSCo
[20:20:22] <fugolini>	*for
[20:20:27] <MrTom>	i love you FAMSCO :-*
[20:20:38] <susmit>	oops
[20:20:42] <susmit>	:)
[20:21:01] <bochecha>	maybe I missed something, but where can I read this proposal ?
[20:21:13] <fugolini>	I know I seem a little bit redundant. But, as FAmSCo chair, I want to ask community to tell what they need and think
[20:21:20] <fugolini>	bochecha: here it is
[20:22:11] <fugolini>	NA proposed to give more power to regions, and give FAmSCo the power to suggest/steer the community when it's needed
[20:22:31] <fugolini>	that's a really brief/simple summary of what proposed.
[20:22:39] Quit	kirkz a quitté ce serveur (Read error: 113 (No route to host)).
[20:22:43] <bochecha>	thanks
[20:22:52] Quit	No5251 a quitté ce serveur ("Wenn du den Fnord nicht siehst, kann er dich auch nicht essen.").
[20:23:11] <fugolini>	At the end, they think regional community  have different necessities
[20:23:40] <fugolini>	while FAmSCo, as global body, has a wide, neutral view of what Ambassadors is and could became
[20:23:43] <fugolini>	*become
[20:24:28] <fugolini>	They, also suggested, to think at a FAmSCo composed by a person for region. Not like us, where there are different people
[20:24:52] <fugolini>	but nominated without a regional criteria (even if we come from the 4 regions=
[20:24:58] <fugolini>	isn't clear?
[20:25:03] <MrTom>	it is clear
[20:25:07] <MrTom>	and it makes sens
[20:25:08] <MrTom>	e
[20:27:02] <fugolini>	we will discuss about it with all the regions, in order to have a wide look, then FAmSCo will work, if needed, a reform draft.
[20:27:07] <fugolini>	Closing this topic.
[20:27:18] <fugolini>	About events: is ok the budget is distributed?
[20:27:34] <MrTom>	could you remind the budget page please ?
[20:27:42] <fugolini>	Have you something to ask to improve presence at events (thank MrTom for the comment above :))
[20:27:50] <fugolini>	MrTom: i'll check
[20:27:51] <spevack>	https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Budget
[20:28:27] <fugolini>	just done :)
[20:29:18] <fugolini>	I think the way spevack is handling budget is just marvelous and there isn't anything to suggest. (at least from me, this is the best/simplest way I ever see)
[20:30:07] <spevack>	it works more or less -- it takes up too much of my time and I'm falling behind on NA because I'm in a bad time zone to talk with those guys, but I will fix that next week when I am in the USA
[20:30:32] Joindre	GeroldKa a rejoint ce canal (n=GeroldKa fedora/geroldka).
[20:32:08] <fugolini>	Anything to add from an Event/Resource POV?
[20:32:09] 	 * spevack needs to go soon -- he is having dinner w/ kanarip tonight
[20:32:44] <mmcgrath>	spevack: tell him his spins composing box is ready
[20:32:50] <mmcgrath>	if he doesn't already know :)
[20:32:57] <fugolini>	just finished. I think everything is clear: EMEA think everything is right.
[20:33:07] <kanarip>	mmcgrath, thanks
[20:33:08] <spevack>	mmcgrath: message delivered, he is sitting next to me and quite pleased
[20:33:12] <mmcgrath>	heh
[20:33:23] <fugolini>	If there isn't anything to add I'll adjourn the meeting
[20:33:24] <fugolini>	3
[20:33:26] <fugolini>	2
[20:33:27] <fugolini>	1
[20:33:29] <GeroldKa>	0
[20:33:32] <kanarip>	mmcgrath, good thing you say so i was paying attention to max's ramblings ;-)
[20:33:35] <fugolini>	== Meeting adjourned ==
[20:33:41] <fugolini>	hi GeroldKa, how are you?
[20:33:48] <susmit>	thanks
[20:33:50] <GeroldKa>	late ...
[20:33:54] <GeroldKa>	hi Francesco
[20:33:54] <susmit>	good night
[20:33:56] <fugolini>	GeroldKa: anything to say
[20:33:57] <fugolini>	?
[20:34:04] <kanarip>	GeroldKa, you're not pregnant are you?
[20:34:04] <fugolini>	today nothing special came out
[20:34:07] <fugolini>	lol
[20:34:08] <GeroldKa>	no nothing to say from my perspective
[20:34:16] <spevack>	COME TO FUDCON BERLIN
[20:34:30] <fugolini>	GeroldKa: I'll send you the meeting log.
[20:34:31] <GeroldKa>	thanks Max
[20:34:32] <mmcgrath>	kanarip: ;-)
[20:34:40] <GeroldKa>	hi kanarip
[20:34:47] <GeroldKa>	today time for a Steak Tartare?
[20:34:57] <fugolini>	ghghg
[20:35:14] <GeroldKa>	he'll love it fugolini
[20:35:24] <GeroldKa>	btw. do you come to FUDCon Berlin?
[20:35:30] <kanarip>	GeroldKa, there's no steak tartare for dinner in the Netherlands
[20:35:31] Quit	susmit a quitté ce serveur ("Leaving").
[20:35:40] <GeroldKa>	poor man
[20:35:42] <GeroldKa>	ok
[20:35:45] <kanarip>	that's why i love it so much whereever i *am* able to get it for dinner
[20:35:49] <GeroldKa>	but you'll have young Gouda
[20:35:53] <GeroldKa>	:-)
[20:35:54] <kanarip>	we have Filet Americain though
[20:36:08] <kanarip>	i have everything a man can possibly want/need in this world ;-)
[20:36:19] <kanarip>	that's including Belgium beers
[20:36:24] <GeroldKa>	Sex and drugs and Rock'n Roll
[20:36:25] <GeroldKa>	I know
[20:36:57] <GeroldKa>	Oh fugolini does FAMSCo some budget left over in that fiscal quarter?
[20:37:17] Partir	bochecha a quitté ce canal ("Quitte").
[20:39:18] <fugolini>	GeroldKa: i think something from
[20:39:19] <fugolini>	NA
[20:39:19] <fugolini>	just let me see
[20:39:19] <GeroldKa>	wonderfull
[20:39:45] <GeroldKa>	I think we need to produce some generic items which we can use around (at least) in Europe
[20:40:00] <fugolini>	http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Budget
[20:40:28] <fugolini>	http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/CommunityArchitecture/Expenses
[20:40:38] <fugolini>	here there is what is remained from Q1 ?
[20:40:54] <fugolini>	Are you talking about Q1? Isn't it?
[20:41:18] <GeroldKa>	yes I will
[20:41:37] <GeroldKa>	I figure it out, what I / we need for producing
[20:43:00] <fugolini>	https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/
[20:43:14] <fugolini>	if you want to open a ticket

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