[Ambassadors] Fedora 11 Release Events Contest Winners Announcement

Francesco Ugolini fugolini at fedoraproject.org
Mon Aug 10 16:21:04 UTC 2009

It's my pleasure and honour to announce the F11 Release Events Contest
winners: Kevin Higgins with the Vancouver, WA (USA) release event,
Neville A. Cross with the Managua (NI) release event and, finally,
Truong Anh Tuan with the Hanoi (VN) release event.

For the Fedora 11 release, FAmSCo wanted to give some of the
Ambassadors who organized great release events an opportunity to
attend a FUDCon or a FAD in their region, and to meet more of the
community face to face. As such, we're going to be providing some
sponsorship opportunities to some of the organizers of great Fedora
release events.

Our decision was based not only on the quality of the event, that sure
was the base requirement, we also took care of the experience of the
people and the potential they could express in future events and in
the whole project, both in a regional and global perspective.

For several releases now, Fedora Ambassadors have been organizing
release events all over the world, becoming a natural component of our
activity and showing us the maturity of the project. The purpose of
these events is to promote the new release of Fedora, to raise
awareness among local communities, and to educate users and developers
on the most important features of the release.

These release events are low-cost and are therefore easy to scale
worldwide. As a means of encouraging these events, we have
occasionally offered some sort of reward for the best events.

FAmSCo wants to thank all the participants for their amazing job: stay
sure that we will continue to encourage it.

For future Fedora releases, we hope to do the same thing, and to
spread the sponsorship around so that folks all over the world have
opportunities to attend FUDCons. It is a high priority for us that we
continue to grow Fedora Ambassadors all over the world.

We are proud to have such great people on this marvelous team!

Stay tuned

On Behalf of FAmSCo
Francesco Ugolini

p.s. A special thanks goes to Joerg Simon for his detailed review of
all the events.

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