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Re: [Ambassadors] REMINDER: Fedora Ambassadors NA meeting tonight!

Hey, all --

I have removed the SCaLE 8x item that was on the agenda for this evening -- don't thank me all at once for making the meeting shorter -- because it's my daughter's birthday today and chances are I'll be somewhere near a birthday cake or some other birthday event at meeting time. I will put the item back on the agenda -- or the new owner of the event will -- for the Dec. 15 meeting.

A couple of things about SCaLE, going forward, that I wanted to bring up:

-- Scott Williams (vwbusguy) now owns the event, and I will be working with him on organizing the event while I also serve on the SCaLE board. Scott has the reins on this one, as well as my artesian depth of gratitude for stepping up to the plate on his "local" event.

-- One of the more important topics around SCaLE that I wanted to bring up at the 12/1 meeting, which can easily be discussed on list (he says, noting he is speaking as a SCaLE person now), is getting a sense of how everyone feels about Fedora participating in a "mega-booth" idea that had been floated by Joe Brockmeier of OpenSUSE. This "mega-booth" will have the larger distros -- Fedora, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu -- and probably GNOME and KDE all in one spot, so those who are new to Linux have a "one-stop shop" to find out about Linux. Again, this is just an idea that's being discussed within circles of the aforementioned distros and desktops, and we should consider it as well.


Larry Cafiero

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 8:07 AM, scott mcbrien <smcbrien gmail com> wrote:
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to remind the NA ambassadors that there's a meeting
tonight in #fedora-meeting at 9:00p EST.

The big topic of conversation is whether we want to drop producing
Fedora Install DVD media for distribution, and produce live-isos only
for distribution at shows and whatnot.  So form your opinions and
weigh in this evening.

See you all there.


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