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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora case badges for the WHOLE WORLD

On Tue 1 December 2009 10:46:58 pm Gaurav Prabhu wrote:
> Could we get the source of such stickers? I mean a .jpg or so, so that we
>  can print them for ourself's.
> Gaurav Live
> Layman Linux

(from experience) Printing them by hand is a bad idea. If standard ink is 
used, the badges wear over time, leaving you with a white sticker eventually. 
This is especially true with laptop case badges, where they usually go on the 
palm-rest area of the laptop, where the user's hands constantly rub on it... :
( I've had that happen, even with Cafepress printed stickers. You really have 
to get badges like these special (I assume they are; if not, the quality of 
them is probably a concern)


Ryan Rix
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