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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora case badges for the WHOLE WORLD

On 02/12/09 04:16, Max Spevack wrote:
Hi all,

In the Fedora Ambassadors NA meeting tonight, we were talking about producing more case badges, which look like this:


They are beautiful (IMHO) and the picture doesn't do it justice. What looks gray in the picture is really silver, and quite shiny.

Due to the price points around producing these, it would make the most sense to produce a HUGE amount of badges (5,000 or more even) and shipping them to key folks around the world.

From a budget point of view, we'd simply share the cost across regions,
when we do the Q4 budget calculations.

An example of the budget calculations in previous quarters:


So, I guess the question is -- do folks in EMEA, LATAM, India, and Asia have use for some of these? Should we go ahead with this plan?


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I would even happily pay for some of those case badges. And as Red Hat is a bit iffy,c about people paying for stuff, because of tax reasons (or whatever). Why not order more, and at least for EMEA, if people donate
a small amount, they get sent a number of free case badges.


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