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Re: [Ambassadors] LATAM: What is done, and the real problems that nobody tells

Hello fellow ambassadors, i came back from a long time not mailing in this list and i hope its for a good cause. I felt i need to response this one but dont want to engage a long flame. Beyond that, im available for answering your questions.

Said that....

We are facing a crisis in latam/ve, and some smiling faces might be hiding just the not so happy truth (over dimension the facts/specially venezuela), specially if they are looking after a seat at FAMSCO.

Facts are contributors are low to very low end users and not increasing at all not in fedora-ve mailing list, nor usuarios proyectofedora org mailing list at regional level, in fact last year some fedora-ve leaders were acting against a regional consolidation movement to usuarios proyectofedora org, as well they did in the past against the wiki content move to higher regional level host under proyectofedora.org domain, documentation is going down in time, quality and usefulness.

Plis visit: http://proyectofedora.org/w/index.php?title=Especial:CambiosRecientes&limit=500&days=120

This results for a 120 days period and a limit of 500 changes. U can increase the limit, or days, and you will see what the results are of this new leadership (fighting/passionated/youth style).

fedora-ve mailing list stats:


Members  	545 >> Banned(spammers) 301 = 224 real users (really?)

See again the stats, ¿do u see any progress in the last year?

Maybe this fighting behaviour got some attention and media coverage, i give u that, but is not good for the last and health of the project in time, we are actually facing a disgregation and lot of disputes because of this agressive leadership. Many past contributors are just leaving or just being passive or frustrated because of this "new way" to do things, maybe now "we have more contributors",¿but where are the results? (i dont see result but on the news, on the events, on the cds, on the stickers produced, only marketing side, theres no meat behind)

I simply dont see them, and simply because there is nothing to show most of the times.

I dont see a gracefull exit to the situation with fighters, the new results are, old and well know local/regional stablished contributors are being displaced for new non experienced users and new comers, and excuse me, amateurs, and just because they might won an electión, that does not mean they r doing it right, its democratic, but its wrong imho, and my local observations shows me that.

I dont see how this leadership is good for latam region (brazil is out this comments), i tried to do something about it, with no success, im sad about that, this mail is probably more for geting your eyes open, if interested, on whats going on down here.

I dont expect good responses from some people in my country (venezuela) and their behaviour is really in the edge of not being honest, i dont know its because they want to see something nonexistent so passionatedly, that they actually see it, or just because they r greedy people looking after desperatedly for recognition. Despite the one option you choose, they r both wrong in terms of management for a community (this fighting style might get echo on some other contributors so its a difficult situation for the region).


Ing.Guillermo Gómez Savino
Venezuela Ambassador

El 02/12/09 08:16, María Leandro escribió:
Hello to all.

I'll like to translate to all of you a mail that I have just send to our
local list. Hope my english let you understand what's happening:

Greetings to all

I think the best way that I will have to answer this is to address the
core issues of this mail.

1 .- "We are fighting internally without necessity." (Rodrigo Padula mail)
Rodrigo: The only discussion that was held at the freenode channel
#fedora-ambassadors and the topics were "why LATAM budget (+20.000us )
represents a problem to help countries other than Brazil and recently
Chile and Argentina. " This topic was discussed with Mr. John Rose, not me.

2 .- On the licensing of the wiki:
Rodrigo: This is an issue that is being solved in other thread, and is
not bad to have some protection. Again, I see no problems in the
discussions because things take patiently are solved.

3 .- His discussions with me and FAmSCo: (Rodrigo Padula mail)
Rodrigo: I remind you that you didn't do 2 of the 3 steps to FAmSCo. you
didn't sent the questionnaire with the ambassadors questions and did not
attend to any of the Town Hall (sessions for ambassadors to know you
better). All I said was that I worried about this situation... But
apparently you don't want me to join you in FAmSCo.

4 .- For the discussion on Channel ... honesty: (Rodrigo Padula mail)
Rodrigo: I apologized for accusing you of that (which really was only
one line of dialogue that said "I go to these channels since I started
with Fedora, you joined them since FAmSCo elections"). Now ... I wish
all my colleagues know that I answered that way because Mr. Rodrigo told
me directly "immature" and "because you act like your President Chavez"
(plus other things a little more offensive) I believe, were worse.
I do not like taking the gossip Rodrigo ... but if you want, I have no

5 .- On the personal relations: (Rodrigo Padula mail)
I think the only one with which I may have a misunderstood is with Mr.
Rodrigo. About the big things that you "talk" that wants to achieve in
LATAM I already have 4 months "working" on those. That I can show to
alll ... Now, that is not enough or that you will look bad, is another
thing... list a few of the things I'm working personally:
* Magazine Latam (we have 15 contributors now)
* Artwork regionalized IN SPANISH (no pt): we have 6 contributors
* Education: we have 5 contributors, starting with the efforts in Argentina.
* Medicine: 2 contributors (Venezuela is a pioneer in this field by
developing medical systems based on fedora)
* Translation: Several videos, guides and tutorials.
* Fedora Mobile: 4 contributors, are developing a distro for mobiles
* Fedora beginners: start developing an app for basic users

You see, deeds not words

We need to STOP, BREATHE, carefully read and write more calm!(Rodrigo
Padula mail)
+ 1

Long live peace! (Rodrigo Padula mail)

As a reflection Gentlemen
It's easy to put a +1 where we believe that another person has a good
idea, but how many of you are working on these big ideas? It is time to
act, because I have my conscience clean... all of you too? (those who
are working to ignore this)


I'm really tired of this behavier. People acting like contributors
should do things measurable just for one of us and not for all of us.
This was something I was talking with Mel Chua (and now I think you
understand now why I said some things related to this issues) and I,
María Gracia Leandro, I'm not perfect, I don't have 10 years helping
fedora, but I do know something... I'm here because I want to help, and
I'm doing it (sometimes slowly, yes... but I never stop) and I'm tired
of being stop.

If this is happening to me, how many times has happened to some other
contributors? are we loosing people because "we don't do what _someone_
think is right?"

Like I said in my FAmSCo statement... I'm a fighter, and I'm here to
help people who really need someone to speck things that never are said.
Someone has to...

Sorry for bring this up, but I really think this was necessary

Maria Gracia Leandro
LinuxUser= 440285
GPG Public Key: E1CDCC56
"Be yourself... Don't be anyone else"

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