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Re: [Ambassadors] LATAM: What is done, and the real problems that nobody tells

Guys, sorry by this kind of email, but the tatica's words deserve a

Em 02-12-2009 10:46, María Leandro escreveu:
> Hello to all.
> I'll like to translate to all of you a mail that I have just send to our
> local list. Hope my english let you understand what's happening:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> Greetings to all
> I think the best way that I will have to answer this is to address the
> core issues of this mail.
> 1 .- "We are fighting internally without necessity." (Rodrigo Padula mail)
> Rodrigo: The only discussion that was held at the freenode channel
> #fedora-ambassadors and the topics were "why LATAM budget (+20.000us )
> represents a problem to help countries other than Brazil and recently
> Chile and Argentina. " This topic was discussed with Mr. John Rose, not me.

I really don't know what is the purpose of your email.

I think you are very interested to create a bad view of my person here.
We are not competitors, we are members of the same project with the same

Max can explain better than me how the budget is used and all
difficulties that we have to expend money in Latam and around the world.

Probably you are thinking that all budget sent from Fedora was sent to
my personal account and I'm travelling and drinking some beers with that
money, but it isn't true!

All budget was sent to Red Hat Latam and all money was spend with my
local manager approval and coordination.

> 2 .- On the licensing of the wiki:
> Rodrigo: This is an issue that is being solved in other thread, and is
> not bad to have some protection. Again, I see no problems in the
> discussions because things take patiently are solved.

LOL!! Again, I cant understand the purpose of this email.

The content that you copied and pasted in the Latam wiki ( non-official
wiki/content) have to be defined and organized with the author not with
all ambassadors-list.

Some people here is working hard and this kind of email isn't good to
send to all people here! Immature decision again!

> 3 .- His discussions with me and FAmSCo: (Rodrigo Padula mail)
> Rodrigo: I remind you that you didn't do 2 of the 3 steps to FAmSCo. you
> didn't sent the questionnaire with the ambassadors questions and did not
> attend to any of the Town Hall (sessions for ambassadors to know you
> better). All I said was that I worried about this situation... But
> apparently you don't want me to join you in FAmSCo.

I was travelling for 2 events ( Fedora 12 - Official Brazilian Release),
without Internet in my hotel.

During one of this events I had a long time conversation with Corinto
Mefe (Brazilian Gov - http://www.softwarepublico.gov.br/ ) about the
Brazilian Fedora Education project and probably we will receive support
from the Brazilian Government to develop and increase that project
(Teach with Fedora and Free Software), so, some things are more
important to me than a Town Hall and a FAMSCO seat!

While you are editing your new picture for your 365/Project I'm planning
events and strategies to spread fedora and to improve the ambassadors

When I go to an event, I go by Fedora not to auto-promotion or to tell
how Gimp works fine and have great effects to apply in my own photos!!

I travel to events to talk about Fedora, to spread the idea, to recruit
new members to improve the participation of fedora in the local Free
Software movement!

I go there do to what I love to do and what I'm doing since 2005!!

Guys like Diego(transifex developer), Jayme(design team),
Igor(Translation pt_BR Leader and BrOffice spin), Allisson(Packager) and
many others Brazilian and Latam ambassadors and leaders was invited in
events and supported by me to stay here to work hard for Fedora.

We have now a great team here because we are good friends, we are a
family that help ideas to grow and resolve problems in a mature way!

> 4 .- For the discussion on Channel ... honesty: (Rodrigo Padula mail)
> Rodrigo: I apologized for accusing you of that (which really was only
> one line of dialogue that said "I go to these channels since I started
> with Fedora, you joined them since FAmSCo elections"). Now ... I wish
> all my colleagues know that I answered that way because Mr. Rodrigo told
> me directly "immature" and "because you act like your President Chavez"
> (plus other things a little more offensive) I believe, were worse.
> I do not like taking the gossip Rodrigo ... but if you want, I have no
> problems.

I know that a FAMSCO seat and the auto-promotion (like the the
365/Project) are more important to you, more important than the
friendship that we had constructed by years working together with the
same goals!

Don't worry about it! You can receive a lot of votes and take my seat at

I dont need to be there to do my job, and I think you don't need too.

With this kind of email you are confirming my thesis that how immature
you are, disturbing all the ambassadors with that.

You are fighting against me but we are in the same team, remember ?

> 5 .- On the personal relations: (Rodrigo Padula mail)
> I think the only one with which I may have a misunderstood is with Mr.
> Rodrigo. About the big things that you "talk" that wants to achieve in
> LATAM I already have 4 months "working" on those. That I can show to
> alll ... Now, that is not enough or that you will look bad, is another
> thing... list a few of the things I'm working personally:

Weird, we have a Latam list with all latam ambassadors/contributors and
all that you wrote here for me and many Latam ambasadors are big great news.

These projects are TOP SERCRETS ??

Compete and show what I'm doing and what are you doing for me it's very

But ok, how competitive you are! If you need numbers, I will show you
some numbers!!

I will not mention ideas or numbers of contributors, I will talk about

I recommend all ambassadors to read it
http://www.rodrigopadula.com/?p=218 and download the presentation

We can see the difference between my team (Brazil) and your big
Venezuelan Team looking the graphics and the big growth based on all
your efforts.

The first ambassador from Venezuela ( Guillermo Gomes - gomix ), one of
the first of the World, the guy that had made a lot of documentation in
Spanish and was the main latam's wiki maintainer though many times in
left the project by the constants fights from you and your greats ideas
to spread Fedora in Venezuela.

> * Magazine Latam (we have 15 contributors now)

You have 5 contributors, we have 5 editions published + many articles
published in printed magazines in Brasil and many others around the World.

Take a look here to learn with us http://www.projetofedora.org/Revista
(We are working in your great new idea by many Fedora releases).

> * Artwork regionalized IN SPANISH (no pt): we have 6 contributors

Ohhh great!! Take a look here in our artwork repository to learn
something about Gimp and Inkscape with Jayme

> * Education: we have 5 contributors, starting with the efforts in Argentina.

Good, this project in my opinion is the most important of Fedora and we
need more contributors around the world!!
UNDEVELOPED COUNTRIES, but not in a competitive way, we need to work
together, to collaborate/cooperate!

While are you starting with 5 contributors we have a spin done, many
cataloged softwares + support from the Brazilian Gov and many
universities interested to participate into this idea/area.

> * Medicine: 2 contributors (Venezuela is a pioneer in this field by
> developing medical systems based on fedora)

Great! What is Done ?

We have many contributors to help you here :-)

> * Translation: Several videos, guides and tutorials.

Great it will help us a lot, in Brazil we have a lot too, not only
translated but created by our group.

Just take a look here: http://www.vimeo.com/user1676127/videos

> * Fedora Mobile: 4 contributors, are developing a distro for mobiles

Sure? I would like to see the results. What kind of mobiles ?

I think your "group" can work with these guys here:

> * Fedora beginners: start developing an app for basic users

What kind of apps ?? I think all people here are very interested in this

Here we have a LUG for each Brazilian state, with ~7.500 registered
users in our forum http://www.projetofedora.org/forum/ testing,
reporting bugs and helping new users.

Take a look here too: http://easylifeproject.org/

> You see, deeds not words

For me... more words/ideas than real deeds!

> -- 
> tatica
> Maria Gracia Leandro
> http://www.tatica.org
> http://www.fedora-ve.org
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MariaLeandro
> LinuxUser= 440285
> GPG Public Key: E1CDCC56
> "Be yourself... Don't be anyone else"

I cant write more... sorry, you are creating a situation that I dont
like to handle!!!

I am very angry and hurt by it! For me it's enough!


Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira
Fedora Community Manager - Latin America
Red Hat Community and Academy Relations

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