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Re: [Ambassadors] LATAM: What is done, and the real problems that nobody tells

I agree with you Paul.

Venezuela issue is something that we talk privately and wasn't related to this mail thread. If Max want to share which are the specific problems that Venezuela is having, I'll be glad to get a meeting to explain better how our local community was disappointed by some decisions... but we keep working. 

I apologize myself if I hurt some feeling, there are so many things that I want to talk; but usually nobody answer local issues because work issues or doesn't have the time.

We are a great community down here in LATAM who is growing up slowly but strong. and I really don't believe in any "crisis latam/ve"; I will like to point a fact to end this thread.

We all have differences, and sometime some egos are hurt. For me; I did but that page is turn to keep working like I do. Facts are that fedora latam has almost 130 ambassadors, and I only have differences with 2 what represents less that 1%. So there is not a crisis. People is working, and I apologize again because I know I might me to abrupt.

Thank you all, nice day

2009/12/2 Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com>
The disagreement that is motivating this discussion is obviously a
problem we need to address.  Max Spevack and I are looking into it and
talking to some of the people involved.

Until we have a better idea what the problems are and how to solve
them, I would like this thread to be considered closed.  Normally I
would not make such a statement, but in its current state this thread
isn't likely to lead to constructive solutions.

Please do not respond further here.  Thanks.

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