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[Ambassadors] fedora Nicaragua and fedora El Salvador at CGSOL

The last 26,27 and 28 at Guatemala Neville (fedora.org.ni) and me magjogui (fedora.org.sv) participate in CGSOL (http://cgsol.slgt.org/) with a conference "Proyecto fedora /fedora project",
We had an attendance of about 25 people.

will speak about: fedora Project, fedora Releases, I get with fedora,  fedora Project Values, Who uses fedora,fedora Project Latam and  How to collaborate...

We distributed media, stickers and T-Shirts,Thanks to Neville for your support and tatica to bring me her art, videos and support.

For mor info you can look at:  http://picasaweb.google.com/magjogui/FedoraAtCgsol?feat=directlink

-- magjogui
José Edgardo López Vásquez

fedora Ambassador [El Salvador]
magjogui fedoraproject org

Consultor en Software libre & GNU/ Linux
identica,irc,gtalk,msn,skype: magjogui gmail com
M. +(503) 76224064 (claro.com.sv)
H. +(503) 25171878

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