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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora case badges for the WHOLE WORLD

How do I lay my hands on some please?


On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 02:28, Harish Pillay <hpillay redhat com> wrote:
So, I guess the question is -- do folks in EMEA, LATAM, India, and Asia
have use for some of these?  Should we go ahead with this plan?

In APAC, I am going ahead with making 5,000 pieces of these and I would
therefore suggest that the APAC (India and Asia as in quote above) be
taken out of the numbers Max was proposing.

APAC Ambassadors, please email me directly on how many your respective
geographies would need.
Just out of curiosity, what is your cost to produce in APAC?

Generally I am all for producing regionally or even locally, but small
quantities seem so prohibitive. Though at 5,000 it might be cheaper to
make locally than shipping around the world.

The quote I got was Singapore 22 cents per piece - about US 15 cents or
so.  We need to keep the quality especially the colour correct etc so
my Red Hat APAC marketing folks here in Singapore are helping to ensure


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