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[Ambassadors] Tunisia Activities

Your Excellencies,

I talk on behalf of Nihed MBAREK, Wael AMMAR and my self.

We've been silent for a while, but we were not sleeping.

We started a lobbying strategy around fedora in the universities by creating local "Fedora Clubs".

We already have 2 clubs:
-  one in ISET Charguia: http://www.isetch.rnu.tn - public university
-  one in ESPRIT: www.esprit.ens.tn - private university

ISET CH already had their first activities which are:
-  a private mirror: create by my self
-  a release party of F12, (will have it's event page), where we gave 4 conferences
-----> What's new in Fedora 12, by Nihed
-----> Virtualization, by Imed Chihi, former Red Hat employee
-----> How to contribute to Fedora, by my self
-----> Perenity of Open source software, by our friend Mohamed Nejib Bejar
-----> We had a real celebration, Cake, sodas ... candies ....
-  they soon we be migrating anything in their school to Fedora (or CentOS), and
-  they will start as soon as possible translating and contributing.

kind regards,

Dot TN - CTO

@: fzied dottn com
t: +216 71 82 89 58
f: +216 71 82 89 58
w: http://www.dottn.com
a: Centre Molka, Esc E, Bur 17 - Manar 2 - 2092 - Tunis - Tunisia

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